Thai Teacher's Incredible Way Of Teaching Anatomical Drawing is Going Viral

Thai Teacher’s Incredible Way Of Teaching Anatomical Drawing is Going Viral

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The ease at which artists illustrate portraits can be captivating. It takes a lot of time and years of experience to excel in drawings, precisely when associated with the human body’s knowledge, including complex bones and muscles’ complex structures. The human body has an estimated 650 skeletal muscles, and it turned out they’ve been presented in a convincing drawing. 

A Thai Artist, Wannarit Karin, has mastered the mentioned above skills, teaching the artwork to future painters and illustrators. Karin is the founder of a school called Art of Anatomy Academy, and he does have over ten years of experience in teaching arts. The dubbed painter has, over time, been invited to lecture figure painting classes and have even organized workshops for several organizations. 

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Wannarit Karin, The Founder Of Art Of Anatomy Academy Teaches Anatomical Drawing Classes, And Now He’s Gone Viral 

When Karin isn’t teaching arts, he works as a freelance artist for drawing, sculpture, and medical illustrations. Popularly known for his animated and non-animated instruction media, Karin’s anatomical drawings tend to highlight the complicated part of the human body, from joints and muscle tissue to tendons and ligaments. 

The detail of his works is genuinely realistic that his photos have spread across the globe. The room is usually filled when he holds classes where art is intertwined with medicine. Often, Artist Karin supports his presentations with the assistance of a human model, and the drawings he produces on the board seem to hypnotize his students. 

Accordingly, he works with his students on several levels, including beginners, to advanced. One of his most successful course titled: ‘Drawing the head’ aims to teach people how to draw human figures with the help of a mannequin. Specifically, this course entails full knowledge of the facial structure and its construction using shadows, light, and weight reporting.

Anatomical drawing is an essential component of classical painting, and renowned artists have over time created spending descriptions of the human body while also making a living from it.

Drawing fanatics must, however, do master the notion of anatomy to build the foundation of their unique style.