21 Hilarious Moments That Only Short Girls Will Relate To

21 Hilarious Moments That Only Short Girls Will Relate To

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Being short is not cute – it’s a huge pain because you just can’t reach places that people normally do. You have to ask for help or end up looking ridiculous while trying to do things yourself. Alternatively, if you have a taller boyfriend, they are the ones who will end up looking ridiculous.

But all ends well because being short is not a grave sin and won’t kill anybody! All we gotta do is just enjoy life from our perspective that is different from the usual. We hope you enjoy this cute list!

When your boyfriend tries to drive your car.

There is no way to take a normal selfie this way.


Getting separated from your taller partner while at the IKEA is no joke.

Pretty sure everyone has this picture of their partner going down like this.


At least girlfriend enjoys her shower.


And it makes asking you out really smooth.

But things can still be romantic!

You are welcome to check out this tweet, but you’ll still see the exact same pictures.


But love is still there.

Babe, did you realize that?


It is also amazing how independent they can be.


“This daily struggle!! People ask me if i need help i say im fine. But my date mate thinks its funny so they took a photo.”


There is no peace in taking selfies.


But short people are also the cutest thing ever!

At the concert, it can get really frustrating.

Relationship can get a little spicy.

Short people are the perfect armrest.

Literally can never use the top 3 shelves.

Your boyfriend being accommodative.

Your short partner is always stuck somewhere.

And this represents the peril of every short person ever when they’re home alone.