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21 Actors Who Drastically Changed Their Body For Their Role In Movies


21 Actors Who Drastically Changed Their Body For Their Role In Movies

Props to their dedication.

In order to make a character believable, actors and actresses of Hollywood do much more than simply memorizing their lines. They follow their writer’s and director’s advice in terms of how they should prepare themselves and books, movies or activities they should try.

It’s also not rare to see these people adjust themselves in terms of body shape and weight to enhance the looks and allow these actors to feel what these characters would feel.

But heads-up, guys: Greenlemon DO NOT encourage people to engage in extreme diets without proper consultation with your nutritionist.

1. Anne Hathaway

Slim Leather Jackets, Marie Claire

In order to be able to play as Cosette in ‘Les Miserables’, Anne’s extreme diet had her eat only lettuce which helped her lose 25 pounds. But because of her body’s fragility, she also broke her arm.

2. Chris Hemsworth

The god of thunder, Thor, is always known for his ripped body and sexy abs. But Chris Hemsworth once lost 33 pounds along with his muscle mass for his role ‘In the Heart of the Sea’. She quickly gained them back again as he had to return to his role in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’.

3. Christian Bale

He has played many roles and his professionalism has made him adjust to various kinds of extreme and unhealthy diet for his movie roles. He once lost 63 pounds in order to play his role for ‘The Machinist’ in 2004. He had to gain weight again for ‘Batman Returns’ and finally went on a healthy diet to increase 40 more pounds for ‘Vice’.

4. Jared Leto

Jared Leto has always appeared in a slim figure as to how most of us have seen him in ‘Suicide Squad’. But when he had to play as John Lennon’s assassin in ‘Chapter 27’, he put on an insane amount of weight, which was 67 lbs.

5. Renee Zellweger

Brian Orndorf, YouTube | Chelsea

If you have been watching Bridget Jones movies, you know that she had jumped from a size 4 to size 14 between ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ and ‘Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason’. She returned to her average weight for ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby’.

6. Matthew McConaughey

YouTube | Glamour, Vulture

For his role in ‘Gold’, he put on quite the weight and had a high-fat diet, which included pizza, donuts and a lot more. He gained 47 pounds.

7. Adam Driver

Youtube | Late Night with Seth Cohen, Paramount Pictures

The star from ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ and ‘Marriage Story’ is mostly known for his tall and firm build. But he had to lose more than 30 lbs for his role in ‘Silence’. He commented, “It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, just because of the physical toll it takes on you.”

8. Mila Kunis

HelloGiggles, YouTube | TheEllenShow

Mila Kunis co-starred alongside Natalie Portman in ‘Black Swan’. For her role which was a slim ballerina, she lost some weight until she was 95 pounds. She put on the weight back right after filming wrapped.

9. Benedict Cumberbatch

DVDBash, TrekCore

Benedict Cumberbatch’s weight gain was not as visible as most, but he actually jumped through 4 sizes for his role as the chaotic Khan in ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’.

10. Charlize Theron

Instagram | @charlizeafrica, MovieFone

Charlize Theron is such a perfect actress known for her gorgeously ideal body shape. But she actually put on 50 pounds for her new mother role in ‘Tully’. She was praised as ‘brave’, but she replied, “No. Women do this all the time and we don’t acknowledge it enough.”

11. Daniel Radcliffe

YouTube | Umbrella Entertainment

Daniel Radcliffe generally looked like how he was during her years as Harry Potter. But in order to nail his role in ‘Jungle’, Daniel lost a significant amount of weight by having only one chicken breast and a protein bar for two weeks before filming began.

12. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt for a clumsy, chubby doofus in ‘Parks and Rec’. But he bulked up for his role as Star-lord in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and has been (trying) to maintain the body.

13. Michael Fassbender

Wikimedia, TheWrap

Michael Fassbender lost 42 pounds in an extreme diet for his role in ‘Hunger’ back in 2008. His diet was limited to 900 calories a day which only allowed him to eat berries, nuts and sardines.

14. Matt Damon

The Georgia Strait, YouTube | theoffcamerashow

Matt Damon is usually fit, but he had to gain 40 pounds for his role in ‘The Informant’. Unlike most celebrities who think it’s challenging, Matt loved it and had a lot of McDonald’s to put on weight.

15. Joaquin Phoenix

YouTube | FOX 5 DC, Medium

Joaquin Phoenix put on weight and got that beer belly in ‘Never Really Here’ as a middle-aged marine. But when he got the main role in ‘Joker’, he went on losing a significant amount of weight, which he gained back right after filming was done.

16. Rob McElhenney

Insider, The Wrap

Rob McElhenney decided to gain weight for ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ just because he’s curious. He began by adding chicken and rice to his diet which eventually became Big Macs.

17. Jonah Hill

Instagram| jonahhill

Jonah Hill is a mostly heavyweight in the movies he’s starred in, although he did lose a bit in ‘Moneyball’ where he played with Brad Pitt back in 2011. But he was barely recognizable in ‘Maniac’ where he literally became slim after 40 lbs gain in his previous movie, ‘War Dogs’.

18. Ryan Gosling

Getty Images | John Shearer, Jim Spellman

Ryan Gosling melted Haagen Dazs and drunk them to put on 60 pounds until he was 210 pounds for his role in ‘The Lovely Bones’. But he forgot to tell director Peter Jackson and everyone when he arrived on set, prompting them to fire him. The role was then filled by Mark Wahlberg.

19. Colin Farrell

YouTube | TheEllenShow, TheWrap

Who is this man? Make no mistake – that is Collin Farrell after he put on 45 pounds in ‘The Lobster’. He followed on Ryan Gosling’s footsteps by drinking melted ice cream.

Why would you ever melt ice cream? Why?

20. Jennifer Aniston

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmel Live, TheWrap

She needed to put on weight in ‘Cake’ and unlike others, it was pretty easy for her. She simply skipped on working out and went loose on her diet.

21. 50 Cent

Twitter | @50cent

Rapper 50 Cent is normally a muscular guy, but he had to lose 60 pounds when he landed the role of a football player diagnosed with cancer in ‘Things Fall Apart’. He thinks this extreme weight loss is a lot harder than when he was shot in the jaw in 2000.

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