20 Times People Found Fascinating Things In Thrift Stores And Couldn’t Believe Their Luck

20 Times People Found Fascinating Things In Thrift Stores And Couldn’t Believe Their Luck

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Thrifting and hunting for secondhand often bring people into a meeting with unique things. Things with histories, things that worth way more than the price they’re listen as they sit collecting dust in stores. Some others are surprised by the things they inherited from their predecessors, things that date as far back as hundreds of years ago!

Do you have unique secondhand objects that you got from thrift stores or inherited from family members?

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Found PAC MAN leisure suit at a flea market.

Lynne Clark

Gold teeth grillin’!

Sarah Wagner

Alice in Wonderland belt buckle.

Alexis Gudino

1982 vintage E.T at an antique shop.

Lori Ward Munger

Found a Stephen King pop up book at my local Bargain Bazaar Thrift Store in Nebraska. $1.

Morgan Coady

Real piranha earrings from the thrift store for one dollar.

Veronica Hayes

Found this in the best kind of hole in the wall flea market. Had a good laugh with the MIL.

Lucy McMahan

I found this pooping piggy and it cheered me right up. Isn’t it ridiculous! It’s a toilet brush holder!

Cassidy Reid

I don’t remember a Shrek Barbie and I had a ton! I think it was around $20.

Samantha DeBord

Bought a box of about 100 ties at a local estate sale and just got around to going through them. Took me a moment to realize.

Malissa Franzen

1973 Fisher Price for handheld and 1978 for big one. The movie theater one can project the slides onto a wall. All for $15.

Schuylar Langston

Mom was born in 1939 when Snow White was released. Found this after cleaning up her room, made by grandmother and it’s being passed down to my newborn granddaughter.

Kim Batiansila

Not sure what to do with them, but $1 from a yard sale!

Had to get this T-shirt for $1.99 at the Downey, CA Goodwill. I think the mustache makes it.

Tom Graves

Scored a new mug over the weekend from a neighborhood free box.

Stacy Young

Found this little chair at the goodwill and my daughter had to get it for our cat Pooter! I think he approves!

Lyndsey Danielle Bearden

Found this doll head while thrifting today. She isn’t haunted, I checked!

Kat Newcombe

I have collected Nancy Drew books since I was a kid. Last weekend I found the very first book. Never thought I would find it! But here it is. $9!

Melody Mallone

Reunited with my son’s preschool backpack that was stolen last year from my car. It did not come home with me as I’m kinda grossed out about where it’s been in the last year.

Madeleine Crabtree

Scored this today at Red Cross Op Shop in NZ. Only $2! I’m lovin’ it.

Lenny Wills