22 Times People Found Treasure From Thrift Store

22 Times People Found Treasure From Thrift Store

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Thrift stores are always full of surprises if you give yourself a chance. Without having to spend a huge sum of money, these people came upon valuable things in a once in a lifetime opportunity. The flea market is often filled with secondhand items that may still look fine or even new! Some people even got their wedding dress within budget at these places.

Green Lemon certainly enjoys this list, and we think it will motivate our readers to give these stores a chance at finding genuine accessories or clothes.

Bought a piggy bank for $7. Opened it up to find $170 inside.

rizzy13 / Reddit

She left that vintage apple necklace at her ex-boyfriend’s and never got it back. Ten years and 700 miles later, the necklace turned up at an antique store!

firewalkwithme0926 / Reddit

Found a hardcover version of my favorite book from Value Village and flipped through it to find this. I paid $5 for this.

GetBehindMeSatan / Reddit

I always go through the jewelry section and found this engagement ring for $2. The jeweler confirms it has genuine diamond and sapphire.

minarima / Reddit

I have been looking for a suit and found this 3-piece worth $1,700 for only $20.

Samsonite314 / Reddit

Urgently needed a dress for an event and found this one for $9 from my favorite charity shop.

ohh-word / Reddit

This camera belonged to a soldier of WW1 and it has undeveloped Verichrome film.

czmhdk / Reddit

This Loewe ‘puzzle’ bag in pristine condition is worth $2,590 and I got it for $20 from Goodwill.

CuriosityKillsKats / Reddit

I bought my wedding dress for $64 and this one is from the 50s. Will be adding a little bit of personal touch to it.

taylorns24 / Reddit

I spent only $1.99 to get this old copy of ‘The Shining’ with Stephen King’s autograph and picture!

jennabunnykins / Reddit

I got this vintage gown that looks similar to Marilyn Monroe’s lamé dress.

AlpacaPencilcase / Reddit

During a house clearance sale, paid $5 for this ‘costume jewelry’ that turns out to be made of gold (unmarked) with diamonds and sapphires.

minarima / Reddit

Got these 3 designer blazers in a single trip to Goodwill and paid no more than $15 for all 3.

fabuluisly / Reddit

Found this gorgeous painting for $10.

aoibha / Reddit

This seashell purse is heavily beaded and has a vintage design. It cost only $5.

NotABsian0073 / Reddit

This vintage strawberry salt-n-pepper shaker is new and comes with the box.

Montana4th / Reddit

This jacket stored $5 in its pocket. Got it for $6.

2Birdswithonestone / Reddit

Got this beautiful umbrella with silver handle in $5.

ClassifiedBoogie / Reddit

Got a Harry Potter wand for only $1.78.

CPizzle23 / Reddit

Each of this skein cost $.5 each and I got 700 of them for only $5 from a thrift store.

fierdracas / Reddit

This vintage wedding dress is $3.

foxmalts / Reddit

I haggled for this ring said to be a green amethyst to $42. Appraiser reveals this is genuine green diamond, the rarest natural colored diamond worth more than $8,000.

jnseel / Reddit