20 Recipes From The Past That Show How Our Taste Has Evolved

20 Recipes From The Past That Show How Our Taste Has Evolved

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Bananas with Mayonnaise! Tuna Waffles! Dr. Pepper poured on slices of lemon, people tend to consume anything that comes to the mind – I mean anything!

And honestly, nothing proves the aforementioned better than taking a look at some vintage recipes that established these weird combinations of food.  

We at Greenlemom bring to you some weird advert featuring some meals, ranging from the not-so-distant past that will make you wonder how your parents had lived to a whole new appreciation for living in the 21st century.

Nothing also feels great like when you try out hams with bananas, and hotdog in hot cheese soup – incredibly delicious. Well, kindly scroll down and enjoy our compiled culinary delights from the 50s. Perhaps, you will need to try them out at our next event.

#1 The Seven-Up In Milk

#2 The Banana Candle


#3 Banana And Ham Hollandaise – Yummy!


Sharing more insight on vintage foods, Bored Panda spoke to a Professor from McGill University – Nathalie Cooke.

#4 The Terrine of Garden Vegetables


Professor Cooke revealed that Vintage party food recipes from the 50s were as a result of food fashion and not just of a food fad.

‘The basic flavor combination is something that has reached across the decades. What you’re describing might appear quite odd to people in the 21st century, but the taste combinations are savory and very sweet (bananas, ham and tuna waffles) or sour and also sweet (mayo and lime).’ Professor Cooke explained.  

#5 Almonds In The Haystack


#6 Lettuce Salad

#7 The Cup Steak Puddings

#8 Lime Cheese Salad


#9 The Igloo Meatloaf


#10 The Celery Victor


#11 The Philadelphia Cream Cheese

#12 A Ham In Aspic


#13 Ham ‘N’ Lima Bean Sadness Casserole


#14 The Tuna Mold


#15 The Crown Roast Of Frankfurters

Speaking on how things haven’t changed as much as we believe, Professor Cooke added: ‘If we were to develop one of today’s favorite from the scratch, we would be starting from the same basic taste combinations described in what at first glance seem like bizarre.’

#16 The Frozen Cheese Salad


#17 Potato Fudge

#18 The Cranberry Candles

#19 Yummy – The Hostess Tree

#20 Monterey Souffle Salad