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20 People Share The Quickest Co-Worker They Have Ever Seen Got Fired


20 People Share The Quickest Co-Worker They Have Ever Seen Got Fired

They got fired so fast most barely still remember their name.

We all know that one person who doesn’t care about their work. We don’t even know how they can be so laidback about their job, career, and life. That one person who messed up so badly and eventually gets fired so fast most workers don’t even know his name yet.

These stories of people getting fired so fast are pretty shocking and hilarious. Some people get to go immediately from being fired to a customer. Some others become criminals before the ink even dries out on the paper.

He brought friends.

fastest way people get fired 1

This kid ditched work often, and one day, his manager couldn’t get through him nor find a replacement. So she had to fill it for him. That’s when the kid showed up with his friends and made their orders with the manager. Obviously, he got fired right there on the spot. – ArtPerfect7076

The girl who drinks red wine with lemonade and ice.

The new girl who works at the bar I work at seems fine, although a bit rough. One day, she sat at the bar after finishing her shift and ordered red wine with lemonade and ice. Her boyfriend came in, and they had a big fight right in front of my manager and some customers as the audience. She threw her drink at the boyfriend and stormed out in such a dramatic way. – lejolipamplemousse

A thief.

They were on their onboarding training and stole the supervisor’s wallet, caught on camera. Just one hour in. – 123abdce

New Camaro.

On his first day at work, a new guy greeted the man parking next to the new Camaro that he just bought as he got hired. He said, “What the f*** is up, dumb*ss?”

It turns out that he was the CEO of a company that I used to work on his visit to our branch. Not even 10 minutes later, the rude guy was signing release papers. – NinthReever

Coffee money.

I work construction, and these two new hires who are friends got asked by my boss to take coffee orders. They both left (as they said it was a big order to carry alone) and bailed with everyone’s money. – Dendad1218

Guy with mistake.

The new guy started on Monday. Accidentally hit some racking in the warehouse with the forklift and proceeded to lie to the boss if he knew something about it. Boss saw him did it. Gone by Friday. – KnightofShaftsbury

He went to the hospital.

fastest way people get fired 2

A new guy in basic training decided it was a good idea to threaten the drill sergeant with a bayonet. The last I saw, he was heading for the hospital and never knew what happened after that. – shroom2021

In a laid back restaurant…

A new guy gets hired as a busboy and was super annoying, and the whole restaurant already disliked him after the first few hours. He also keeps eating the bar fruits, which the manager doesn’t like. The manager came over to tell him to stop, but he just looked at him the eye and ate another one. The manager said, “Really? Come with me to the office.”

The new guy replied, “Alright, man, calm down. I can tell you got that big d*** energy for a good reason.” and added a wink as well as a nudge from his elbow. It was so cringy. He was fired 10 minutes later, out of the restaurant without his uniform. – Slim_Thicc_Jesus


fastest way people get fired 3

He said, “You don’t tell me what to do; you’re a woman.” to his trainer. Gone when the management came in that morning and heard about it. – VerbableNouns

Sexism at a really high level.

This engineer was a Ph.D. and really hit it off with the guys in management, but treat her female colleagues like crap. He blames them all the time when things don’t work. He was appointed to lead a new formulation project, and it wasn’t working out well. He kept telling the colleagues, who are excellent formulation chemists, how to do things and blame them when it goes wrong. They got fed up and made a whole presentation to explain what, why, and how they did it and alternative solutions. Oh, they also called out how much of a jerk he was.

The management guys heard of this and started asking questions, which revealed that he didn’t know a thing. His Ph. D. wife, who came from a culture where women are not given equal treatments, was done all his degree work. – cobrafountain

Releasing the lobster.

fastest way people get fired 4

This new guy at the grocery store took out a lobster from the tank and removed the elastic bands on its claws. He put it back, and the lobster killed everything else inside the tank. – professorglock

He tried.

There was an attempt by this 19-year-old kid to steal some food from the seafood counter he works at. I only got to saw him twice and had to ask a co-worker to find out what happened. The 5 pounds of crab legs he’d stuffed down his back pockets fell out as he walked out the store and the closing manager saw it. – wanderin_fool

Caught stealing time.

The new guy logged into a computer in an empty office and requested to ‘reinstall entire OS’ so he could sleep all day. Our government office works with a ticket system, so workers submit their requests, and the IT guys pick them up. The manager went to check on him before lunch and saw he was sleeping. Fired before the hiring paperwork was even finished. – UltimaCaitSith

Faked it, but couldn’t make it.

I got hired with a woman on a long-term temp job for a basic data entry position at a corporate headquarter for a major brand. Pretty prestigious. We went through onboarding stuff in the morning and finally met one of the department’s employees. He explained our job, and it wasn’t complicated, although I was still new to the system. But it was then when I realized the other person lied on her resume as she wasn’t taking notes and looked panic. During lunchtime, she said she got a permanent position offer in another company and left. – PunchBeard

Hospital did not like them.

During summer in college, I worked as a laborer and worked on a renovation in an active hospital. Since we were a small crew and had a very tight schedule, we hired a subcontractor for some of the work. They sent two clowns for demolition work.

They were told to do things longer if it means less mess and noise. There were multiple complaints about, you guessed it, the mess and noise just an hour in. The foreman called me to check and clean them up now, and I found them breaking walls everywhere, dust flying around. The foreman saw one of them swinging the sledgehammer, which was already removed without a hard hat. He lost his mind and called the company and threaten them to send someone else for the work. – Davran

Co-worker has a radio.

fastest way people get fired 5

My co-worker quite a good job with great pay and benefits for a radio repair place. I thought, well, you should do what you love, and he was a big radio enthusiast. Got fired on his first day at the job for stealing parts for his own radios at home and was rehired back with us a year later. Then got fired again for being a security risk a year after. – PresidentStone

He got high.

This man got hired and already passed the training and all. On his first day, he went missing for 3 hours and returned high, found by the manager in the bathroom aisle of our store. He got fired. He was staring at himself in the mirror for more than 30 minutes after the manager checks the CCTV. – just_a_average_dude

Police was looking for him.

I work at a pizza place back in college, and this new guy started on Thursday. He looked fine, and we showed him the ropes, but he had the easiest job. He didn’t show up on Friday, the busiest night of the week, nor did he give us a call. He and I were the only kitchen workers who weren’t also drivers. On Monday, a police officer showed up looking for him, and we never knew what happened. He was let go on Tuesday. – Kamon0253

Failed chef.

Boss hired an ‘Executive chef’ for 5 days, got fired when he didn’t even know how to make a quesadilla. – jbiggs107

Guy with a cast on arm.

I called a temp agency to sent someone to help me count inventory, and they sent someone with a cast on his arm. But it’s fine; we were counting parts. I came back from lunch to see him zoned out and drooling with a can of air duster in his lap. Had to escort him out of my warehouse and never called that temp agency again. – grimcheesers

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