20 Most Creative Wedding Cakes People Shared On The Internet

20 Most Creative Wedding Cakes People Shared On The Internet

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Cakes are sweet and considered a dessert course. Containing a combination of ingredients, cakes are often graced with frosting, toppings, and even icings. Bakers across the globe use all manner of skills to whip up delicious cakes that appear as anything wished for. Besides, cakes are inevitable on special occasions like weddings, and since they’re so dreamy and sumptuous, who wouldn’t want a cake for a birthday celebration?

Creative wedding cakes, compiled in this article are downright perfect, each one truly takes the award for the most incredible looking cake ever seen on the internet. Some are really so cute that you might want to drag them out of your screen. We compiled 20 of the sumptuous masterpieces for your perusal. Perhaps, you can attest that these designs are on a whole new level. Do brace up for some mouth-opening moments! Enjoy!

The Huge Castle House Wedding Cake 


The Colorful Embroidered Wedding Cake 

The Attractive Geode Wedding Cake

Intricate Icings Cake Design

A Homemade Wedding Cake


The Cable Knitted Cake

A Perfect Wedding Cake

The Half Batman Vs. Traditional Cake


The Fruit-Themed Wedding Cake


Embroidered Cake


The Wedding Cake For Dog Lovers


The Crystal-Like Wedding Cake

The White Chocolate Otters Wedding Cake


The Harry Potter Wedding Cake

100% Edible Wedding Cake


The Peacock White & Blue Wedding Cake


Wedding Cake For Book Lovers


The Perfect LEGO Wedding Cake  

Cupcakes By SJ

The Truly Gorgeous Wedding Cake


‘As You Wish’ Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake For Dog Owners