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20 McDonald’s Customers Share Their Fast Food Fails


20 McDonald’s Customers Share Their Fast Food Fails

One ruined burger later.

Fast-food joints such as McDonald’s pride themselves on being fast and affordable. But with speed often comes the price of corners being cut. It sometimes means the employers are working under time pressure that leads to errors.

McSenget is an Instagram account dedicated to the funniest mistakes ever seen in your burgers. Ran by a Singaporean user, ‘senget’ means tilted which is also slang for crazy. And well, these burgers are certainly more than just tilted – they’re ‘senget.’



An accident.

There seem to be mistakes in the order.

When you say you’re going to finish your burger outside.

Is this an abstract painting?

Someone ran off with the fillings.

Sausage McMuffin w/“egg.”

Half a burger.

Also half a burger.

“I’m not a neat person.”

This sad cone of ice-cream.

Well, looks like they didn’t need that big of a cup.

One good bite later…

Buttermilk Chicken McMuffin.

They don’t always have to be round, right?

Who fought with the burger?

When McD’s said they have healthy menus:

“Grilled Chicken McFlop.”


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