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20 Hilarious Times Normal Things Almost Gave People A Mini Heart Attack


20 Hilarious Times Normal Things Almost Gave People A Mini Heart Attack

Better safe than sorry, am I right?

We all have that one strong surviving instinct that kicks when danger is sensed. For many of us, both our flight and fight mode can be very sensitive and in turn, we most time end up scaring the hell out of ourselves for no particular reason.

This list shows that a couple of times people’s hearts skipped as a result of optical illusions, simple misunderstanding, and even coincidences.

I bet you’ll also sympathize with the individuals who first saw these terrifying pictures unprepared.

Well, enjoy our compilation!

#1 Gloves Were Left To Dry By Wife. Sincerely, It Can Give A Heart Attack

1 43

#2 Take A Look Twice To See The Truth

2 43

#3 A Ghost Baby In Bed With My Son, Oh My God

3 37
Maritza Elizabeth

#4 Whosoever Did This Gave Me A Nightmare

4 33

#5 He Just Loves Giving Me A Heart Attack. Well Sleep Best At This Position

5 29

#6 Turns Out It’s Just A Sunset Reflection, Nothing More!

6 29

#7 This Cat Gave Me A Scare With Paprika!

7 25

#8 My Dog Tried To Scare The Hell Out Of Me, But No, I Am Not Falling Into This

8 22

#9 Got Scared When I Saw A Movement!

9 21

#10 Looked Like Death By Hanging! Oh, Just A Housemate Drying His Fishing Waders

10 20

#11 Appeared Like An Evil Clown, But How Come?

11 20

#12 An Ancient Whale Bone Over The Top Of What Used To Be A Well

12 17

#13 Bought My Wife A Thermos In The Shape Of A Camera Lens. With Her Being A Professional Photographer, I Get A Heart Attack When I See This

13 16

#14 A Snail In Our Office Fish Tank Scared Me Out Today!

14 14

#15 This Photo Is Freaking Creepy!

15 11

#16 The New Source Of A Nightmare, An Emergency Light

16 14

#17 This Spooked The All Of Me Out

17 12

#18 Jacket Looking Like A Creepy Nun

18 11

#19 Walking Into Your Room With A Mild Heart Attack

19 10

#20 Upon First Glance, It Gave Me A Heart Attack

20 10

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