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22 People Who Frightened Neighbors With Their Halloween Decorations


22 People Who Frightened Neighbors With Their Halloween Decorations

Really Spooky!

Though I am not really a big fan of Halloween, I look forward to the festival yearly. With that being said, I have to also admit that I haven’t fully got involved with the way some people have.

Yes! I am talking about those individuals who go all out to decorate their houses and in turn frightening their neighbors. We at Greenlemon have compiled loads of these spooky designs, so kindly scroll down to enjoy every bit.

#1 The Over-The-Top Home

Instagram | @christinehmcconnell

Photographer and Artist, Christine McConnell turned her parents’ home into a terrifying monster home for Halloween. It’s really stunning.

#2 The Creepy Creatures home

Reddit | wartsnall1985

#3 The Flamboyant Halloween Display


It appears everyone living in this house spared no expense when it comes to decorating their home in a spooky way.

#4 Busy Spidey!


This can certainly trigger an Arachnophobia. Quite Pretty!

#5 Welcome to the Pumpkin Home

Reddit | lordbaby1

#6 The Dragon landing spot

Reddit | emilnoufal

Oh, my gosh, these people must have really loved Game of Thrones. This is really very impressive I must confess.

#7 Walking Dead Performance

Reddit | Jorogasm

Oh no, the bad memories of watching The Walking Dead is back.

#8 The Spooky, Creepy Halloween Scene

Reddit | jimmycthatsme

If you don’t want to be seriously frightened, stay clear of this house on Halloween night.

#9 Frightening Nuns

#10 The Scary Crawlies

Reddit | Matti_Matti_Matti

#11 The Skeleton Home


#12 Beetlejuice-Motivated Display


#13 Lit

Reddit | Valantix_

#14 The Cemetary Display

Reddit | edgoldhandcream

#15 The Amazing Collection of Pumpkins

Reddit | HairKlopek

#16 Ultra-Violent Web

Reddit | FarSideOfReality

#17 The Demon Guard

Reddit | carturd95

#18 The Transformers

Reddit | TheClandestineMason

#19Nightmare Before Christmas Home

Reddit | thatdamnthing

#20 The Fake Michael Myers’ Home

Facebook | Alex Sanchez

#21 Gigantic Spidey!

Reddit | mzol14

#22 This Home Outdoes Itself Yearly

Reddit | Chemoot

Truly brilliant, I can’t wait to live in my own home with my partner. I have to go all out like this for Halloween celebration.  Till then, I admire these homes.

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