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20 Hilarious Product Fails That People Get Annoyed With


20 Hilarious Product Fails That People Get Annoyed With

Do you have products that don’t function effectively?

Designing and branding a product can be quite tricky but made worse when it fails at doing the function created for. When companies plan a product, it’s expected they think about everything, including the functionality of the product.

Turns out, it’s not all companies that think of the aforesaid. Ranging from a pan that turns due to its heavy handle, a toaster that burnt its plastic to an ice cube tray that’s shattered while getting out a piece of ice, some products in this article clearly didn’t customers’ expectations.

Here’re 20 examples where customers got unpleasantly startled at the products they purchased. Ensure to pay attention when buying an appliance or utensils for your home. Besides, what were the creatives thinking when they approved these products?

Ice Cube Tray Shattered When Getting Out Ice Cubes

johnfogogin / reddit

IKEA Colander With A Lip That Traps Cooked Pasta

jenjen5308 / reddit

The Pedal On A Garbage Bin In A Hotel Room

Screw-On Lid And The Silicone Straw Make The Cup Airtight. Liquid Can’t Be Suck Out

bernica42 / reddit

People Thinks This Is A Light Up Keyboard, But Sincerely Letters Can’t Be Seen At Night

Zvnkz / redditAJmcfly / reddit

Why Does Women Clothing Have Tiny Pockets?

Skum / reddit

Kid Toy Came With A Speaker In The Sink. Now The Speakers Isn’t Functioning After Son Put In Water

UnderCoverITBoss / reddit

Hygienic Hand Gel Sanitizer Is Made Of Hard Plastic. It’s Impossible To Get The Gel Out

Noiseflux / reddit

Pipette From The Beard Oil Bottle Melted After Coming In Contact With The Oil

 DontFinishSenten / reddit

Bent Hammer. This Happened After Pulling Out A Nail

Ok_advice / reddit

Toast Burnt Its Plastic Amid Toasting A Bread

Thereareways / reddit

Glasses Have An Oakley Logo On The Left Lens. Initially, Owner Thought It’s A Mark

 GallifreyanPrydonian / reddit

The Metal Piece On The Handle Gets Extremely Hot

 aiden_saxon / reddit

Lego Storage Box With A Gap At The Bottom. Small Pieces Of Things Regularly Get Stuck In It

Kernowder / reddit

Pan’s Handle Is Too Heavy To Stay On A Burner

Luwazi / reddit

Steams Comes Out Right At The Handle. How Possible?

Natalexo / reddit

Ramp Purchased For Little Sausage Dog Turns Out To Be A Slide

nogoodnamesework / reddit

This Pan Isn’t Balanced And Majorly Flips At All Time

This Device Didn’t Dispense Soap From The Bottom

PicoDeBayou / reddit

The Sliding Fridge Magnet Purchased From Sri Lanka

adityahol / reddit

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