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20 Hilarious Pics Show Just How Different Men Are From Women


20 Hilarious Pics Show Just How Different Men Are From Women

From entertainment to life priorities.

Men and women have lived together for centuries. Even though we share so many similarities, men and women often clash in terms of opinions and ways of doing things.

Sons know how mothers are really particular about small things. Daughters know how their dads can be so obsessed over inanimate objects like woodworking. Men know the torture of taking wives for shopping while women just don’t understand how hard it is to get a 24cm tampon for days with wings!

Here some of the funniest pictures that show the differences men and women show by Greenlemon. Don’t forget that it’s overcoming these small things that help you make your relationship healthier and stronger!

1. Men accompanying their girls to buy cosmetics.

© unknownauthor/imgur

2. Wife: I’ve changed the roll.

© FunWithAPorpoise/reddit

3. Husband did not want cats, but wife does. So, they compromised for 5 cats.

© HawaiianCam/reddit

4. Man manages to accomplished this while gf watches reality show.

© rbuchwald/reddit

5. Gf’s definition of a relaxing day out at the golf field.

© sadraddude/reddit

6. Taking your vegan gf to a romantic dinner date like:

© casiopeadistrict/reddit

7. Girlfriend shows up to bf’s birthday dressed as him.

© mattbozle/reddit

8. Boyfriend sneaked a picture of gf multitasking.

© Kiiwiiz/reddit

9. Told girlfriend NOT to get kitten a sweater. So, she got one.

© PrestinSowers/reddit

10. Husband went grocery shopping and thanks to him, now this basket is full of cupcakes.

© milly822/reddit

11. Wife was asked for a specific mic from a specific brand. She now understands guys’ confusion when picking tampons.

© technocloudmau5/reddit

12. Husband said dirty floor needed cleaning and he could do it instead. She said no worries – she’ll clean half of it. Disclaimer: they have no tiled floors.

© ordin22/reddit

13. Boyfriend doesn’t want to give up his turn on Xbox, so…

© unknownauthor/imgur

14. The heaven every husband could ever ask for when shopping with wife.

© KUweatherman/reddit

15. This is boyfriend on his 30th picture.

© CaffeinatedOak/reddit

16. Couple did not agree on how the Christmas tree should be decorated. They started this joke 4 years ago and it’s going strong.

© TheArcticBear/reddit

17. Boyfriend doesn’t believe that his cat is bullying gf’s cat.

© lls1494/reddit

18. Boyfriend made a deal with gf to find uglier footwear so she’ll stop teasing his Crocs.

© TrentWatts/reddit

19. Getting a haircut.

© Brightside

20. Tried to give gf a surprise for Christmas, but pillow may have turned out a little weird.

© Wizard117/reddit

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