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20 Hilarious Moments When Karma Is The One And Truest ‘B’ For Us All


20 Hilarious Moments When Karma Is The One And Truest ‘B’ For Us All

Life is fail, sometimes.

Some of us enjoy pranks and spread laughter when we play tricks on people. But there are also moments when those pranks backfired and all we have is karma laughing loudly at us. Even more satisfying is where annoying people and individuals act like a complete jerk, but the universe wasn’t about to let that go.

Life will never run the way you want it to at all times and the same thing can be said about these people with malicious intentions. Karma is always watching your back.

This is why you don’t steal cookies.

Instant karma.


When your prank backfires.

These idiots tried knocking me off from my kayak with their boat and I got back to the beach to them in this situation.


When you hit-and-run, but left your plate.


She was about to be pranked.

Going for an interview? Make sure you are generally not a jerk.


Never touch the good boy!

It’s all fun to break the rules until the sea tries to drown your car.


Never steal ice-cream bars/laxatives.



Someone T-boned my car, but kindly left his plate with it.

Rex Borova

For $2? Totally worth it.


This man stopped by karma.

Even in yak world.

When you think nobody would see.


Turkey police tried stopping Pride parade with water cannon and creates rainbow.


Cat karma.

Return kindness with kindness. Guess that’s what’s happening here.


The best part? The vet thinks nobody knows his epic fail, but here we are.

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