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20 Beautiful Things About The World That Will Give You Hope

Good News

20 Beautiful Things About The World That Will Give You Hope

The daily does of wholesomeness we all need so bad.

Things are so messy and bad right now. As people fight with hope, a lot lose them in the process because the ugly in us is really evil. We don’t know when things will get better, or it ever will, so you will love these pictures. What these people see, do, and shared these seemingly unseen and insignificant things, show just how much good people still have in them.

Love isn’t dead at all and we can learn spread a little at a time. Some wholesome content to keep your days positive.

The left is my art. Found the one on the right that was drawn by my brother in his room.

Jojoes Art

He wore a dress on Mother’s Day for his sons so they don’t feel left out. Single dad rocks.


Kindness that makes you feel warm at the end of the day.


Shared his last words of love. We all know he’s a good son at the end of the day.


After 2 years of depression and traumas, I spent 9 hours and managed to cleaned up 2 trash bags of plastic bottles and pizza boxes.


Stop eating my garbage: Frankie’s East Aside Restaurant.


This filial son that shows the beauty of human beings.


A dog that really cares. He stayed here for four days, refused to leave its side until it can fly away. Had to bring them both food and water, so proud of him.


Came out to my grandma a few weeks ago and today she gave me a rainbow sweater she made herself.


The most wholesome uncle on the whole planet.


Her one last beautiful moment.


A picture cat can solve many things.


He picked up brush back 30 years later today after retiring.


Liverpool star Sadio Mane carried around a cracked iPhone despite making $10.2m a year. He shared that he’s been giving out money to everyone regularly because he wants to help people.

Oliver saw another boy like him, stopped and turned around to see him. He was laughing and I’m glad to know there will be others kids feeling the same!

Ollie’s World

He doesn’t want others to feel like him.


She is one strong woman.


An angel: This is Dr. Mohamed Mashali who went to the poorest countries to give free medical treatments. He passed away on July 28, 2020 and was still treating patients days before that.


This – never be ashamed of love.


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