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19 Vintage Pics Show How People Worked Before Discovery Of AutoCAD


19 Vintage Pics Show How People Worked Before Discovery Of AutoCAD

The sound of rustling papers could nearly be heard!

Interestingly, Green Lemon really loves discovering some facts from historical events, preferably together with some vintage pictures to demonstrate them.  

This time around, we’ve gone back into an essential profession – The Drafting Technician & have as well compiled some earlier photos before the invention of computers, particularly the AutoCAD software.

The drafting technician might have worked in several circles, ranging from architectural to manufacturing and also responsible for engineering drafting, house plans, and architectural drawings. Regardless, no construction is ever built without them.

Nevertheless, technology advancements have continually made some professions to cease to exist, but in the case of drafting technicians, their desks are just made tidier and smaller.

Introduced In 1982, AutoCAD in 1994 gained significant presence and was used by over 750 training centers worldwide. Prior to its introduction, pencils, erasers, and T-squares were commonly used, resulting in much more time – the compiled photos really showed it.

Glancing through the photo below, you nearly would hear the sound of rustling papers, but presently architecture design, including other draftings is done by just clicking a keyboard and mouse.

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