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19 TV Reporters Who Share Their Funny Struggles To Do Live Reports From Home


19 TV Reporters Who Share Their Funny Struggles To Do Live Reports From Home

From pets to kids, what is your current biggest struggle?

With the pandemic forcing companies to order their employees to work from home, this applies to reporters as well. But even if others stop, news stations can’t! So reporters got to do when they got to do – do live reports from home.

Now, the epic part is that things can go absolutely smooth and perfect to hilarious when your cat decided to wiggle its butt into the screen. But Greenlemon loves these genuine footage and they just really make us smile at the hard work and funny sides of the things considering how bad the situation currently is.

1. Hobie Artigue of Minnesota’s Fox news station had his huge dog Boris crawl up right before live.

2. Meanwhile eagle-eyed watcher could see MSNBC analyst Peter Baker’s dog wagged his tail on live.


3. Chris McKinnon is a news anchor for CBS Boston. But above that, he’s the father of Dougie the dog.

4. Meteorologist Jason Adams of ABC Tampa Bay’s thought Ninja would be calm and free of sight. He was wrong.

5. Shelby Rose from Arkansas’ KATV, however, used the power of catnip to keep her cat occupied during live.

6. And the best yet is meteorologist Shanna Mendiola from NBC who actually has a weather center set up right inside her apartment.

7. William Brangham from PBS News Hour didn’t even notice her girl sneaking in some nap time.

8. CBS Denver’s reporter Makenzie O’Keefe made sure the family doesn’t knock when it’s live!


9. Kate Snow had to do her hair and makeup on her own for NBC News.


10. Heather Crawford of First Coast News had the help of her kid while setting up the shot.


11. Reporter of ‘Good Day Tampa Bay’ Charley Belcher had his nervous dog in arms all the time!


12. Ira Glass got creative by recording in his closet (doors closed) for This American Life.


13. Meanwhile, KOB 4 Eyewitness News reporter Joy Wang had her session rather calm as co-worker was unimpressed.


14. News 5 Cleveland’s Jade Jarvis also barely managed her live. But she survived.


15. Kim Powell from CBS Arizona on her home broadcast and cat’s cameo appearance.

16. Jericka Duncan MacGyver’ed her way without tripod for CBS News.


17. Nick Canizales for KCEN News chose his game room for his sports reporting.


18. WCNC’s Vanessa Ruffes from Charlotte went to her balcony to get that city skyline.


19. Kayla Solomon, healthy eating for WMAZ News, right in her own kitchen.


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