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19 Times People Left Their Partner At The Altar And Revealed Their Reasons


19 Times People Left Their Partner At The Altar And Revealed Their Reasons

They cancelled it before it’s harder to handle.

Calling off a wedding that you have spent thousands of dollars and sleepless nights over to prepare is not easy choice. But to these people, it’s a necessary price rather than handling the divorce years later.

A reddit user asked, “People who left someone at the alter, what made you do it and what was the fallout?” Greenlemon is pretty shocked to see just how huge the drama in some and yet, how trivial and ridiculous some issues sounded in some of the stories people shared.

1. Something about cows.


2. He was gay.


3. Over another guy. Out of ex’s pocket.


4. Over emotional abuse.


5. After trust is broken and love is no more.


6. She was scooped out by someone else.


7. He was just a meal ticket.

Groom’s dad apologized to the bride’s plus one (who substituted her actual friend) for “going so far out of my way for a wedding that’ll get cancelled”. Well, turns out he received a complete package that “bride-to-be was only using his son as a meal ticket and she planned on leaving him after he paid off all her college debt and bought a house so she could try and take it in the divorce”. From recordings to pictures of her cheating with another man and groom’s dad only found out minutes before from a bridesmaids who had a crush on him and don’t want him to be unhappy. He exploded when it was his turn to say “I do” and added a huge “NOT!”.

The ending: he ends up with the bridesmaids months later while she got dumped because turns out the man she was cheating with also treated her as a meal ticket. – LuLuCheng

8. Over… pride?


9. The LDR that didn’t work out.


10. Eloping with a highschool crush.


11. A rough, but at least civilized day.


12. She was a jealous psycho.


13. They didn’t talk out their differences beforehand.


14. Parent was in the ICU.


15. Too scared of what comes after.


16. He was lazy and disrespectful.


17. Gone for good and he got a Firebird instead.


18. She was hating just for sake of it.


19. Dodged a gold-digger.


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