19 Tattoo Artists Share Designs They're Tired Of Doing

19 Tattoo Artists Share Designs They’re Tired Of Doing

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When you get your first tattoo, you want it to be something cool. Something special, something that is personal to you. But little do people know that there are designs used so much they can draw tallies on how many people asked for the exact same design in a month.

Fortunately, some of them request, such as hometown coordinates or zodiacs, which some people don’t mind to know about other people having them. But imagine having to do the same design 5 times in a week – you’re bound to get sick of it, too.

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1. Moustache on the inside of your pointer finger.


2. The entire bible.


3. Pocket watches with roses.


Little do people realize that tattooing is something that has been done for centuries. Since the Stone Age has practiced tattooing, our ancestors have practiced tattooing, and as time flows, various cultures take tattooing in a different sense. Christianity considers this as barbaric, while in Chinese, slaves, and criminals are marked with tattoos. In the early days, carbon and ash were used for tattooing.

4. Matching M’s.


5. Palm trees on the ankles.


6. Barcodes on necks.


7. Home coordinates.


8. Face tattoos.


Is there a man who’s completely covered in tattoos? Yes! Gregory Paul McLaren, who is more popularly known as Lucky Diamond Rich, has held the record with his body covered 100% in tattoos since 2006. The street art performer got his first tattoo on his hip and has worked with hundreds of artists over thousands of hours to cover his whole body in ink.

9. Mandala and tree silhouettes.


10. Big cats with crowns.


11. Deathly Hallows.


12. Anchor.


13. Forests around the arm.


14. Astrological signs.


15. Octopus.


You may have heard that you can’t donate blood after getting a tattoo. Well, the fact is that American Red Cross refuses any donors who have been tattooed only up to within the past 12 months. It is to avoid the possibility of Hepatitis infection, the reason why tattooing was banned in the past. The waiting time is to make sure that you are not infected and healthy to donate.

16. Dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.


17. Name on the bottom.


18. The outline of Pikes Peak.


19. Declaration of independence.


So, have you made up your mind? Maybe try asking your tattoo artist next to hear the most overused designs and avoid seeing someone in public with the same drawing on their body!