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19 Pics From Women That Prove People Treat Them With Makeup Differently


19 Pics From Women That Prove People Treat Them With Makeup Differently

You can’t satisfy everyone.

People do a lot of judging simply based on appearance and it can be annoying sometimes. This tendency itself isn’t without its benefits, but Greenlemon this time wants to emphasize how it gets these women to realize they are treated so differently with makeup.

Makeup DOES make people look better and cover the flaws. You can feel that confident flowing and stand out from others. People might even give you more attention thanks to it. But without the makeup? You feel unseen, unappreciated and can even be mistaken as feeling unwell.

Guess what, there are more women than you realize out there who really prefer not having to wear makeup. You’re not alone.

1. I do not really notice without makeup. But full-face on earns me dirty looks from the girls and leering from the men.

© Charlotte Green / quora

2. People want to be friends with barefaced me. But girls are jealous and men make indecent offers to the me with makeup.

© Emily F. Marsico / quora

3. I have only worn makeup 10 times in my entire life and my husband ‘doesn’t like that mask’ on my face.

© Dei Zi / Facebook

4. People are very nice to me when I have makeup on and men even approach me with my husband right beside me. But without makeup, I get no compliments at all.

© Shannon Niernberger / quora

5. It’s not makeup, but the outfits for me. Once I worn a short dress with only lipstick in the evening and a woman ‘tsk-tsked’ me and CROSSED HERSELF.

© Laura Traveller / quora

6. I don’t like bright makeup as they’re not my cup of tea. I’m always invisible to people without it as men will stare and women will leer.

© Dawn Batsford / quora

7. I look 16 without makeup and not even allowed in bars. But with bright makeup, I’m seen as an adult.

© Giang Nguyen / quora

8. People are really rude when I’m on makeup by asking about my job or if I had any surgery or procedures on my face. But I look like a sick person without makeup.

© Karina / quora

9. I went to the office without lipstick for once and everyone thought I was either sick or sad. Someone told me to put my lipstick on because I looked terrible.

© Sunny Nguyen / quora

10. I don’t wear makeup when shopping for cosmetics because I can try them on my clean face. But the sales assistant would sometimes ask if I really use them.

© Sue Croke / quora

11. My naked face often brings question like did I stay up all night or having a hungover. I hate the double standard that makeup if fake but without it, it’s as if you don’t care about your image.

© Dana Fletcher / quora

12. I use makeup when I work jobs that require me looking attractive. My family thinks I look funny while my friends say I look nice.

© Laci Harrison / quora

13. When I wear makeup, people think the 16-year-old me is over 20.

© Abbey Miranda / quora

14. My face with full makeup attract people to talk to me and trust my opinions. Meanwhile, men will just stare and don’t focus on what I have to say. I feel more heard without cosmetics on.

© Abby Chebli / quora

15. I feel like whether or not I’m wearing them, people will still make commentary about it.

© Ankita Srivastava / quora

16. The picture on the right is where I was at a part with makeup on. Many guys think they’ve never seen me – they actually have, but I didn’t have makeup on.

© Ziyanda Venter / quora 

17. Most strangers treat me differently just because of my makeup. This is a little frustrating when we’re supposed to be lifting each other up.

© Calypso Valdez / quora

18. My husband prefers me without makeup because he thinks it’s not ‘me’.

© Alyssa Wolfe / quora

19. My mom once told me to put on mascara because I look beautiful with it. I feel uncomfortable.

© Samuva / pikabu

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