19 Hilarious Things Kids Do That Drive Parents Nuts

19 Hilarious Things Kids Do That Drive Parents Nuts

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Can you really blame children for the things they do? Especially at a very young age, they’re still full of curiosity and do things because they think it’s fun or good. As parents, we want to support their good intentions but discourage bad habits. Well, that’s before we accidentally choke on the coins they put in our drinks.

If there’s a ranking to the world’s hardest work, parenting would be in the top 10 because you can never be fully prepared. You don’t know if your kid prefers to bath the toilet paper or draw on the wall. Or both. Especially with the pandemic, you are on the parenting job 24/7 now, even during their online class.

But there are some children habits explained that you could prepare for. Habits like biting down their nails can be stopped early on. The University of Utah explains how you can keep your child healthy by stopping this habit.

“This is what happens when you tell you kid to make his own snack so he microwaves an egg for 11 minutes…”


“Recently told the 8-year-old she should always replace the toilet paper when it runs out. Just found this in the bathroom.”


“Just finished painting my kids’ playroom yesterday.”


Dr. Cindy Gellner explained that nail-biting is a common serious problem in children. Many of these kids grew up with the habit persisting, although some grew out of it. Nail-biting is a stress-relieving behavior, similar to how birds pluck their feathers when anxious. It can also be a habit they learn from copying other kids that bite their nails.

“Toddler pulled the cat feeder down. I just filled it last night.”


“My 3-year-old, everybody.”


“Just want to thank my daughter for putting cat toys in my pocket while I was making her breakfast and not noticing until I got to work.”


“A sheet cake I made yesterday. My two and a half year old son decided to give it a salt and pepper topping.”


“My toddler.. everyone.”


“My toddler only ate the skins off her apple wtf.”


“My toddler found a white ink pad and immediately turned into Saruman.”


“My toddler found a dry erase marker and brought it to my bathroom…”


“My 12-year-old son got annoyed at a video game…”


“I have actually been asked to prescribe medication someone found on the Internet to get kids to stop. Sorry, no such medicine exists,” the doctor explained. The key to solve this is to understand the reason why the kid bit their nails in the first place. Cutting down their nails also mean they won’t have anything to bite. Or, giving them pretty nail polish that they don’t want to ruin might just work as well!

“Paper clips are hard…”


“My niece drew this “troll” and then got so scared of it she made my brother throw the picture away.”


“My toddler put my keys in the toaster.”


“I was about to take a sip of my tea, heard jingling, dumped it out to find that my toddler had stored his treasure in there…”


“Imma just take a bite out of this banana real quick.”


You can also give them alternatives, such as a stress ball, healthy snacks like carrot sticks, or cover their hands in gloves. If the kid is stressed, help them reduce that and praise them when they find alternatives instead of biting their nails. The doctor warns against scolding, “If you nag at your child, it’s going to cause them more stress, and it may make them bite their nails even more.”

“Oh, yes definitely stickers…”


“My daughter helped finish my wife’s drawing today.”


Habits are hard to break, but they’re not impossible, especially on very young children. By treating them the right way, they’ll learn to avoid unhealthy habits and find healthier alternatives instead.