18 People Who Wanted To Buy Something Cool Online But Ended Up With A Piece Of Trash

18 People Who Wanted To Buy Something Cool Online But Ended Up With A Piece Of Trash

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Everyone wants to look special, and that dress you saw online looked like the right choice. But upon arrival, you realized that it’s a completely different dress and that you’ve been deceived! How many of you have encountered similar situations when making online orders or getting a dress tailored?

This has prompted many to post their expectations vs. reality pictures on social media. We are really shocked to see how some people can blatantly tell you that they’ve sent you the right dress when it’s obviously different from what they’ve promised!

Girl ordered a dress and got this instead.

jodie17howard / twitter

So, this definitely lacks a bit of its glitters.

missninaroberts / twitter

Guess they didn’t nail it with this one.

macintyrepamela / twitter

Um… someone needs a good pair of glasses. How are these the same?

lewisking111 / twitter

“Throwback to when I bought this prom dress from China for £200.”

solelychar / twitter

Ordered shorts, got men’s underwear instead.

harrietreidx / twitter

So, designer probably thought that we can just shrink our head when we need to.

emlouhow / twitter

How does one not realize-

honigundzimt / twitter

Nephew ordered a Medium Chicago Bears sweater. He got his order, Medium Chicago Bears for dogs.

Kraigbot / reddit

Ordered an oversized shirt. What is this, a blanket?

CearaSweeney / twitter

Wanted the ones on the left, got the ones on the right.

teemyns / twitter

No long trousers are too long, is that right?

Dev_Chelios / twitter

One day before cousins’ wedding to this nightmare.

libertyellent / twitter

ASOS sent this T-shirt instead of what’s on the left. They think anything with flowers are okay, huh?

Nightnintend / twitter

$150 Calvin Klein glasses, did not even survive the day it’s bought.

DanielMzLz / reddit

Someone’s color blind at the warehouse.

MaisieJerrim / twitter

Order for size 10 Crocs arrived. They probably thought it’s for a real crocodile.

RicoBacon / Imgur

The girl asked for a dress made for $200 and got this in return.

denitrendy / twitter