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18 People Who Ordered Things Online But Hilariously Disappointed


18 People Who Ordered Things Online But Hilariously Disappointed

Disappointment hiding just behind the corner.

People are spending even more time shopping online instead of visiting a physical shop. It makes things really convenient as you can go browse through so many clothing and items without having to walk anywhere or spend time getting there. But this comes with the risk of getting duped.

We’ve got another 18 people who are quite disappointed with their online orders. Disappointing, but at least some of them still serve as great entertainment and even still usable for some.

Yeah, a nice substitute for a blanket.

joshxdavid / twitter

“I’d to return this… Yeah, it’s a bit too big for me.”

faarraahh_ / twitter

Definitely nice for people on a diet.

RickHedge / reddit

Never trust face masks of characters.

TrixiDelite / reddit

When you tried believing in the seller and still try to show the sunlight to it.

Lilly_1337 / reddit

This nice ring… for my cat.

alwaysgrea / reddit

They actually tried to make a similar shape with this trash material.

mrsmeganroyer / Instagram

“Yeah… it does fit, but a tad bit small.”

Jaget23 / imgur

I don’t remember ordering for an angry bear mask.

Brewkake / reddit

Um, last I check mermaid don’t have multiple tails.

Roses88 / reddit

Are these supposed to be for my kids to play with?

Laura Page / facebook

Yea… close enough… to making me snap.

8eth_thomas / twitter

Size: barbie dolls.

Tent Description: Spacious enough for one person.

Kellymcdouble / imgur

Didn’t know there’s a Jansport for the cat.

Risky_Clicking / reddit

Let’s hope Harry and Meghan will never see this commemorative plate ever.

DionLimTV / twitter

Expectations vs. reality of the boots I ordered.

lady_viral / twitter

Whoever think it was okay to send out nightmarish sock prints of baby head should be fired.

Mmartin50538 / reddit

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