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18 Hilariously Dumb Things People Have Ever Shared On The Internet


18 Hilariously Dumb Things People Have Ever Shared On The Internet

Uh, go back to school, people.

People are running free on the streets who put 24/7 and 5 days a week in a single sentence. People who don’t know how adjectives work and don’t know what dimensions mean when conversing with a potential buyer. All of these can be found in America, the world’s first superpower country.

Nobody is asking you to be a genius or master rocket science. But the least people would expect is that you don’t embarrass yourself and blame the printer for not being able to print out your .gif files. Or saying that iron is different from metal.

A quick lesson on adjectives.

funny meme education system 22

That ain’t what the book says.

funny meme education system 9

Jokes aside, it appears that education in the US is lagging compared to other countries. The lag is visible compared to countries such as Japan, Poland, and Ireland that invest in their people. In fact, The Balance reports that the US’ test scores for math are “below the global average.”

She’s 67 and will still have the math capability to solve this compared to you.

funny meme education system 17

Counting how many Senators is currently in the office…

funny meme education system 18

That isn’t how anatomy works.

funny meme education system 2

Check this group out.

funny meme education system 5

“Well now.”

funny meme education system 1

We’ve got a winner.

funny meme education system 8

The top five math scores are all hogged by Asian countries: Singapore at 569, Macao at 555, Hong Kong at 551, Taiwan at 531, and Japan at 527. The US scored below the average OECD (489) at 478. The US hasn’t actually declined compared to its previous years, but it hasn’t shown significant improvement since 2003.

“Speaks with an Ireland accent.”

funny meme education system 15

“Pullet Surprise.”

funny meme education system 11

“I work 24/7, 5 days a week.”

funny meme education system 10

This isn’t Harry Potter.

funny meme education system 7
18 Hilariously Dumb Things People Have Ever Shared On The Internet 26

“Denise might also not understand English.”

funny meme education system 12

Why the su- wow…

funny meme education system 14

Interestingly, most Asian families choose to maintain remote learning when school opens up, Washington Post reports. Mya Baker of education nonprofit TNTP warns that the academic consequences can be severe as people assume that Asian students perform better through remote learning.

“The reality is we’re talking about families living in multigenerational households, families where English is not spoken at home, so we’re increasing barriers for those students who are already not performing well,” Baker explains.

Don’t need to be a marine biologist to laugh on this.

funny meme education system 16

Iron, not metal.

funny meme education system 3

“Hyper Mating.”

funny meme education system 19

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