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17 Kids Who Know Exactly How To Drive Their Parents Crazy


17 Kids Who Know Exactly How To Drive Their Parents Crazy

Kids, the most curious existence ever.

You can ask any parent and they’d say that it’s one of the most rewarding jobs ever. But they probably left out the part where their kids made their $50 lipstick snap or threw away their $400 glasses because it got dirty. Still, they are kids – their limited knowledge made them do things based on what they knew.

Yes, being a parent is amazing, but Green Lemon just can’t help feeling bad for the parents of these 17 kids.

1. When your daughter did this and asked what you’re doing and all you want to say is to ask the same question.

© YaroslavLada123 / Pikabu 

2. Spent $150, but kid prefers to be in a paint container.

© kirktucci / Reddit

3. Whenever I have baby fever, I remind myself of that time my cousin gets stuck in a claw machine.

© QTremendo / Twitter

4. It’ll be fun, they said.

© admadguy / Reddit

5. These kids totally feeling it like this.

© intohishead / Reddit

6. Baby learns not to blow while eating now.

© papaneedscoffee / Twitter

7. Gotta convince this baby he needs password for it.

© benardpesq / Reddit

8. His attempt at cheating while getting quiz from parents for test.

© ThePlanetBob / Reddit

9. Curious as to why does she want to take her baby brother in her lunchbox to school…

© MissNobodyHaha / Reddit

10. You stopped looking for 2 seconds and thsi happened.

11. Daughter drew this at the back of her schoolwork while at school.

© negativenancy__ / Reddit

12. Dirty? Meh, who cleans it anyway. Just throw it away!

© jamestporter / Reddit

13. This 5-year-old who used 911 when playing cops and robbers with his brother. Yes, he actually dialed 911 on an old cellphone.

© TheTonz / Reddit

14. Kid wants me to see what is in the toilet and that is never a good news.

© PipnPop / Reddit

15. She starts acting up because she wants to eat… toes.

16. It was at this moment that he knew, he f***** up.

© guyrleech / Twitter

17. You know silence is bad in parenting. She used permanent marker and finally lets the meaning ‘permanent’ sinks in.

© downwithllc / Reddit

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