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17 Interesting Reasons Why Teachers Are Over Paid


17 Interesting Reasons Why Teachers Are Over Paid

Here we go, applaud teachers!

Teachers should be awarded daily! Teachers should be prayed for as well as given delightful treats for their duties within and outside classrooms.

There are various types of teachers, some teachers teach little kids in kindergarten or primary schools while others teach older children in junior high and high schools.

In all, education is one of the highest-paid professions in some countries one can pursue, provided one can view past the restraint of what’s defined as ‘wealth and currency.’

Teachers undeniably shape the future and there’s no amount of monetary gain that could match the joy of teaching a child something that would be remembered for a lifetime.

So here, Green Lemon has compiled 17 interesting reasons why teachers are mostly overpaid $$$. Enjoy!

#1 Before Taxes & Insurance Are Deducted

1 8
Elisabeth Milich / NBC / Via

#2 Teachers Take More Than Enough Pay

2 8
Twitter: @tinydooms / Via Twitter: @tinydooms

#3 Always Shopping

3 6
Twitter: @CarlaCo25679840 / Via Twitter: @CarlaCo25679840

#4 They Literally Close From Work By 3 P.M

4 4
Instagram: @cmsthomas / Via, Twitter: @bookgoonie / Via Twitter: @bookgoonie

#5 ‘This Is Where I Sit After Midnight Grading Your Papers’

5 4
Twitter: @compstudies / Via Twitter: @compstudies

#6 Do Teachers Mostly Just Sit At Their Desk All Day?

6 4
Twitter: @speedskatergirl / Via Twitter: @speedskatergir

#7 The Plains Zebra

7 3
Instagram: @misslisasclassroom / Via

#8 Devoted RCA Teacher

8 3
Twitter: @RossvilleAcad / Via Twitter: @RossvilleAcad

#9 Biology Spring ‘Break’

9 3
Instagram: @msz_loves_biology / Via

#10 Being A Teacher Is Like Riding A Bike

10 5
Instagram: @the_learned_beard / Via

#11 We Respect Each Other In 2nd Grade

11 2
Instagram: @aamarasco / Via

#12 The Chemistry Of Methamphetamine

12 2
Via, AMC

#13 Their Student Are Mostly Extremely Appreciative In An Interesting Way

13 2
Twitter: @kaatielaady / Via Twitter: @kaatielaady

#14 Same Is Applicable To Their Parents

14 2
17 Interesting Reasons Why Teachers Are Over Paid 26

#15 What It Feels Like Trying Make Lesson Plans?

15 2
Instagram: @bored_teachers / Via Twitter: @brittney_suth

#16 They Do Everything Possible To Help You Succeed

16 1
Twitter: @x0_rissa / Via Twitter: @x0_rissa

#17 They Influenced Their Student To form The Habit Of Learning

17 2

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