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16 People Share How Things Can Develop After The End Of A Relationship


16 People Share How Things Can Develop After The End Of A Relationship

Did you maintain a good relationship with your ex?

Walking away from a prospective relationship is always going to challenging. When it isn’t your decision, a break up is undeniably depressing.

No two situation is, however, exactly the same. Many at times people are unconscious that their partner is unhappy in their relationship, whereas in some cases, there are just tensions bubbling under the surface for a long time before reaching a breaking point.

If you’ve ever been through a breakup, you then will know it took a while to feel yourself again – it’s honestly one of the most traumatizing things that can occur in our adult lives. Regardless, many who picks up themselves real quickly embark on new relationships, mainly because the pay-off is worth it despite the perils.

But unfortunately, not everyone can keep calm after breaking up with someone. Some people tend to laugh about this time in their lives, some recall some funny moments and while some seek to draw relevant conclusions and share them with the audience.

Listed here are 16 stories hinged on exes! This article, in particular, will allow you to have a look at how things can originate after the end of a sexual relationship. Read on!

#1 The Indirect-Direct Insult!

© gimmefirstborn / Twitter  

#2 Applaud The Pretentious Actress!

© bocxtop / Twitter  

#3 ‘I Never Liked Your Mom, Still, I’m Dying’

© DeyannaDiedrich / Twitter  

#4 Man Who Isn’t Ready To Be Man

© juliannarvivas / Twitter  

#5 You Can’t Have This All To Yourself

© averagediana / Twitter  

#6 ‘Safeguard Your Peace, Your Majesty’

© whatBREthinks / Twitter  

#7 ‘You Still Awesome, Girls’

© jalynnestratton / Twitter 

#8 ‘Still Here, No Matter How Hard I Try’

© PissJugTycoon / Twitter  

#9 The Empathy Moment

© idealpiper / Twitter  

#10 Christmas Cookies For Breakfast

© coolcat_collin / Twitter  

#11 $200 For All The Trauma

© JaisaMarie123 / Twitter  

#12 You Win & Sometimes Lose

© ellise / Twitter  

#13 The Solo Song Still Rings

© NickDawg24 / Twitter  

#14 The Word ‘Beautiful’ Was The Breaking Point

© jk2mdy / Twitter

#15 You Cheated, It’s Over!

 RoyalRegine / Twitter  

#16 ‘Long Time No See’

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