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Woman On Twitter Offers To Edit People’s Exes Out Of Photos For $10


Woman On Twitter Offers To Edit People’s Exes Out Of Photos For $10

She uses her impressive photo editing skills to remove your terrible ex from old photos.

We’ve all had terrible exes, right? They’re those toxic, manipulative former flames who seem to steal our light and slowly hack away at our happiness. And if you’re anything like the rest of us, you probably have Instagram pics galore—all ruined by the mere sight of them, standing there with their horrible, gross arm around your shoulder.

Well, your luck is about to change because a woman is offering her photo editing skills to get your former significant other out of your images, for a small fee.

Twitter user @hexappeal recently advertised her service to Photoshop your ex out of your photos for just $10. Even if your breakup was civil, it might be nice to show off your photos from Paris or your 30th birthday party without your ex taking over your memory.

This Twitter user offers to edit your ex out of pics

People were impressed with her work

But others have stepped in to show off their skills as well

People loved the first pic’s edit

But her tweet went viral and within a few days, demand was so high that she had to bump her prices up to $15. People in the replies are thanking her for working her magic, which she says she does on her phone, taking that person they’d rather forget out of the picture and creating the illusion that they’re confidently posing solo at the beach or in a photo booth.

Some people in the replies think they can capitalize on her business model, though, offering to do the deed for less or suggesting apps that can be used to reproduce the feat. In all seriousness

Others spotted something she missed

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