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16 Clever Parenting Hacks Dads And Moms Should Try Today


16 Clever Parenting Hacks Dads And Moms Should Try Today

Try these at home!

Being a parent is a lot of things from joy and happiness to sleepless nights and too many worries. Trying to be the best parents for your kids can really drive your brain to think of creative solutions that won’t just protect them, but also allow you to get a little bit of hands-off caretaking.

And these parents really deserve some medals for what they’ve done. We know there are a lot of moms and dads who can really use some smart hacks, so scroll below for 17 working solutions to early parenting!

1. Use a microwavable glass evenly warm-up two plates at once.


2. Use shower curtain to make a pool.


3. How dads can feed two babies hands-free.


4. Wet tissue cover does well covering wall sockets as well.

Brittany Kurtz / Facebook

5. Slip in marshmallow at the bottom of the cone to prevent melted ice-cream drips and give them a little extra something.


6. A full diaper that hides your precious belongings.


7. Pool noodles on walker to prevent it bumping on walls, furniture and people.


8. Wax warmers can remove smell from car’s interior after heating under the sun.


9. Band-aids separated in size and with samples for easy retrieval.


10. Cutting watermelons into easy-to-eat sticks.


11. Adorable baby head protector.


12. Pool noodles that can also prevent accidents around the door.


13. These easily removable stickers to keep children entertained in long flights.


14. A warm sack of rice to keep the baby comfortable during cold nights.

In Between Laundry

15. Or a warm rubber glove of rice!

Debbie Smith / Baby Hints and Tips

16. Makeshift travel bed by sewing four pillows together.


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