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15 Shameless People Who Beg For Netflix Login Info That Are Pretty Infuriating


15 Shameless People Who Beg For Netflix Login Info That Are Pretty Infuriating

Have these people lost their minds? People pay for it!

Some people don’t know how to be grateful of things and realize that they are not entitled beings. A single Netflix account costs no more than $15.99 a month for four screens with ultra HD quality and $12.99 for two screens. Single screen costs $8.99 albeit you won’t get the same quality of videos.

As someone who lives with family that don’t watch Netflix, I looked for trusted friends to share the bill and get that ultra HD quality. So far so good as everyone’s paying the bill.

But some entitled brats think it’s too much of a hassle to pay them up themselves. So, they have to leech off others and even threaten when things don’t go their way. Green Lemon found 15 of the most annoying times people encounter the real choosing beggars.

1. Y u so mean?

AruoraOkami /

2. What people can do to avoid paying $8.99.

belikepepsi /

3. Already has Netflix and now wants Hulu.

Windows-1998 /

4. Doesn’t feel awkward or anything from using ex’s Netflix a year later.


5. Has the audacity to reject a free account and asking for Netflix instead.

Gothic_Goldfish /

6. A plug for a free Netflix info.

jiggleade /

7. Actually dared to snap someone to pay their Netflix.

Doomsday2507 /

8. DM’d a stranger to ask for Netflix account.

sketchy_shrimp /

9. Dude was mad when he has been stealing someone’s Netflix account.

69theenvironmnet /

10. A friend’s ex’s went mad from not being able to borrow (read: steal) Netflix account anymore.

The_Duff /

11. Actually dared to ask on Facebook for a free Netflix account.

weateaboo /

12. “It’s not like you pay per watch.”

pwaconnects /

13. Sure, no one will mind sharing something they paid for, because you’re doing so much to avoid piracy.

indianidjit /

14. Promotions for free Netflix.


15. Paying 110 a year is no reason!

tementnoise /

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