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15 Ruthless Ways Cities Tried Fighting Homeless People From Sleeping In Public Places


15 Ruthless Ways Cities Tried Fighting Homeless People From Sleeping In Public Places

Really Disheartening!

Homeless people have over time been discriminated in society either culturally or directly. Presently, they are discriminated structurally.

Strategically placing armrests and rocky floors are now cynically installed in order to ensure that vulnerable individuals in need of a place to rest/sleep are forced to check somewhere else.

This depressing compilation shows some of the most annoying examples of  ‘Anti-Homeless Designs.’ Our compilation will make you thankful for having a roof over your head, and might even open your eye to see the suffering homeless people passes through every day.

Scroll down to see for yourself what we truly mean!

#1 This Is Certainly The Most Heartless Human Being. Going Around To Slash Homeless People’s Tents! Really.


#2 21st Century Problems Obviously Requires…..


#3 Can You Imagine! Someone Installed Poles In Front Of The Store To Prevent Homeless People From Sleeping. They Sure Can Manage It Anyways!


#4 This Only Comes To The Mind When You Hate The Poor.


#5 A Bench In Volgodonsk, Russia.


#6 Do You Find This Sarcastic?


#7 Wow! A Nail Punch! A Response To Mumbai’s Homeless Crisis.


#8 This Man In The Picture Removed The Anti-Homeless Tool Placed On The Benches, Yes, He Ended Up In Court.


#9 Designed In The Shape Of An Obelisk. Installed On A Private Site In Paris. How Can A Homeless Person Even Sleep Here?

Dégustation de Bon Sens Liège

#10 The Anti-Homeless Construction.


#11 This Is Certainly The Worst Kind Of An Anti-Homeless Design Ever Seen.


#12 This Also Happen When You Hate Homeless People


#13 Man Dozed Off On An Anti-Homeless Bench


#14 So Much For A Community! Here are An Anti-Homeless Spikes


#15 Despite Having Different Varieties, All Of Them Still Serve The Same Purposes!


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