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15 People Who Begged For Things They Really Don’t Deserve


15 People Who Begged For Things They Really Don’t Deserve

Uh, sorry… who do you think you are?

Choosing beggars. That is the term used on people who thought they could get away with just asking for things for free. Oh, that’s not all. After playing the sad story card, they proceed to make demands upon the kindness shown to them. Even when they could never prove that they were certainly in need of, say, a PsBox 5.

This kind of people have always existed; they change their tactics as time goes on. Paying with ‘exposure‘ and ‘experience’ doesn’t pay the bill, but they sure think everyone who intern can afford rent without pay. Or coming up with ridiculous standards for love partners.

But really, we won’t judge that last one. Someone will relate to you. Probably.

“I need friends but only young females that “tease me”. Disgusting.”

“Thinking you deserve a full salary for babysitting your own kids while they do schoolwork.”

“Absolute human vermin.”

choosing beggars 2021 4

“He’s going to pay with experience bucks.”

choosing beggars 2021 11

“Came home and this note was taped to my door. Time to install security cams, I guess.”

choosing beggars 2021 15

“I was taking peppers from your garden (because sharing is caring), and it was way too spicy! Please grow a mild pepper or I’ll report you for cultivating illegal plants!”

“Choosing beggars. Bartender edition.”

choosing beggars 2021 12

“My favorite city to visit, ‘Due By.'”

choosing beggars 2021 6

“Went on a few dates with this girl where I picked this girl up every time and I paid for everything (including zoo tickets and a high end restaurant). She was upset I asked her to pay for a sandwich on the third date.”

choosing beggars 2021 7

“I’ll pay what and when I want.”

choosing beggars 2021 8

“I get a lot of DMs daily from teen TikTok “stars” asking for free stuff from my business, and here’s an example.”

choosing beggars 2021 3

“Wow… such a deal… I will really work for “long term” at “high volume” for 5$ for a business I have no idea about.”

choosing beggars 2021 10

Imagine disliking someone’s reaction on your public post.

choosing beggars 2021 1

“Guys, she might cry.”

choosing beggars 2021 5

“You’d have to take out a small loan to date her.”

choosing beggars 2021 14

“My brother likes to make large sum bets and thinks I’ll just pull out of my savings to help pay his dues.”

choosing beggars 2021 9

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