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26 Times ‘Choosing Beggars’ Treat Artists Like Exposure Bucks Will Feed Them


26 Times ‘Choosing Beggars’ Treat Artists Like Exposure Bucks Will Feed Them

Why would you even ask ANYTHING for free?

Artists need to get by with cold, hard cash. They cannot pay the bills and feed themselves by drawing for free or getting exposure. No number of followers will get you money – paying for an actual service does. Yet, there are people out there thinking they can treat artists like trash as if their exposure is great or that art is a cheap thing.

Yes, art is subjective, people have preferences, but resources and materials have to be paid for. The amount of time it took for an artist to finish something is what you are paying for, just like how you pay for the massage, for education, etc. You pay for services, it’s simple as that.

You see the word ‘free’, you run.


Arts for free.


But it’s my birthday!


You do this in Asian traditional market, not for artist’s work.


I do art based on historical designs. My first experience with choosing beggars.

Professional photographer wants people to pay her to be part of her project.

Lots of press will be there.


A ‘friend’. Definitely not.


She’s not whistling.

CB plays the ‘single mom’ card. It was not very effective.


Yet, he’s the one who can’t even pay $15.



She wants to be PAID for cancelling her appointment after finding out the tattoo artist was an ex-convict.

My dying mother or end your career.

Is giving credit that hard to do?


Offered something simpler for free, gets threatened.


A day in a nail artist’s life.

Major influencer pulled one on a friend.

This 4-minute conversation says a lot about someone.


Looks like a great mom.


You think?


You think drawing for fun somehow makes money drop from the sky?


Or how about be respectful about people’s job as artists?

Design my next tattoo, please. You’re mediocre, but please.


You being too broke for manicure isn’t anyone’s problem.

My commissions cost $20-$50 for a realistic portrait. I never advertised, but a follower said I’m overcharging.

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