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15 Fascinating Facts About Life In South Korea Most People Don’t Know About


15 Fascinating Facts About Life In South Korea Most People Don’t Know About

Which one surprised you the most?

When it comes to South Korea, the first thing that comes to the mind of most people is the popular k-pop groups and k-dramas. For the past decade, the South Korean entertainment world has infected international fans with their handsome k-pop boy groups and adorable female groups. Those who prefer to watch the k-dramas may have gotten accustomed to seeing their iconic food kimchi.

How much do you know about the culture of South Korea? Here are 16 interesting facts that give us a little bit of insight into what living like a South Korean is like.

The day of love in South Korea is November 11.


While Valentine’s Day is on February 14, to them, Pepero Day is November 11. It comes from the name of the sweet breadsticks the couple gives to each other. They also play a popular couple game where each couple would try to bite a piece off from different end and subsequently reach the middle, leaving the smallest piece possible. The couple with the smallest piece wins.

Coincidentally, the name is also similar to the sticks Lotte sells under the same name. Some people believe it’s a day completely made up of Lotte, but it’s heavily a part of their culture.

You can spend the night at the sauna.


Saunas in South Korea are public space that is open for 24/7. It costs about $7 to go in and you can literally just sleep anywhere and stay until the next day. Some places have heated salt rooms, exercise rooms, and even sleeping quarters. Workers spend overnight after a late night out and families enjoy a day out together in here.

Sharp chin and S-shaped bodies.

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For South Korean, they believe a V-shaped chin makes one look more elegant and they have all kinds of products that help form a V-line on one’s chin. Meanwhile, the S-shape refers to the outline of a woman’s body, like an hourglass. Men would often compliment by saying you have beautiful V and S lines.

Men date girls who are at least as thin as they are.


In another word, guys won’t date taller or bigger girls. South Koreans are still very heavily influenced by several rules or unwritten norms in choosing partners from height to blood type.

Monsoon season? No biggie.

Not even flood can stop the people from going out in South Korea. People still drive or walk to work under an umbrella. Surprisingly, they are always concerned about not getting their hair wet, even though they’re probably knee-deep in water.

Women cover their mouths when laughing or smiling.

Laughing out loud is not considered feminine for women, or at least that was how they were taught. Lately, this culture has not been affecting much as even idols are not afraid to do this without covering themselves.

The hospital food is yummy.

The worst thing for some people about getting into the hospital is having to put up with the food. The depressing mood of a place that mainly harbors sick people is horrible, but at least in South Korea, you can enjoy some of the nicest homemade food. It is very common for them to have a wide-variety of side-dishes that go with porridge or rice and 3 or 4 is considered few for them!

Women have a blanket covering their thighs down when sitting.


Did you notice that when female k-pop idols appear for an interview and sit down, they’d have their blazer or a blanket to cover their lap? This is considered to be an act to protect their dignity as well as a symbol of modesty. On the other hand, they won’t use them if they are wearing pants or long skirts.

It’s not Barbie Dolls. It’s BTS dolls.


Instead of Barbie dolls, people of South Korea sell dolls based on popular idol groups, such as BTS here.

Korean policemen do random alcohol checks on weekends.


South Korean policemen would do random alcohol testings during weekends on all drivers, except taxi drivers. They’ll take up one side of the road for this test and all drivers are required to stop. The fines vary from $1,400 to $2,800 depending on how high the concentration of alcohol is in your blood.

South Korean don’t believe men and women can be only friends.

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People don’t believe men and women can only be friends, so if you’re dating someone, you don’t hang out with the opposite sex anymore.

They like their hands warm.

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Who doesn’t? It’s come to a point that hand warmers are offered to guests even if central heating exist in the building.

Parent patrol is a thing.

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Parents would come to inspect schools their children attend to make sure the educational process runs as to how it is supposed to be. They also test the food at the cafeteria to make sure their children are fed well. They wear uniforms and have a set of schedules for their patrol.

Parents are engrossed in their children’s life.


What do you think about a mother who follows her daughter while hiking? South Koreans believe that is how a parent should act. They do not think parents should be indifferent to not care about their children, especially girls, to go off on their own.

Their children sleep anywhere, anytime.

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Parents don’t deliberately try to put their kids’ sleep when it’s dark and quiet. South Koreans have an active nightlife, after all, and children can sleep anywhere, anytime. Parents believe by letting them used the loud surrounding helps them sleep under any situation, even on a bus or train.

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