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14 Times Salma Hayek Proves She Owns The Swimsuit Look


14 Times Salma Hayek Proves She Owns The Swimsuit Look

The ‘Eternals’ star looks stunning!

The indisputable beautiful actress Salma Hayek is known for her outgoing, confident personality that lets her wear whatever she wants. The 54-year-old celebrity is active on social media and shares her day-to-day stories, and one of her most recent favorites is herself in swimsuits and bikinis!

She might be over 50, but the way she ages like fine wine makes Salma Hayek stand next to Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Lopez. Age does not matter when it comes to what you should wear or how you should dress. If you feel good in them, you will look good in them, and the Mexican actress proves exactly that.

Salma poses for a H&M bathing suit campaign in 1999.

Salma Hayek swimsuit bikini 14 1

The vibrant purple sets some really fun summer vibe in her picture!

Salma Hayek swimsuit bikini 13

The Angelina Jolie co-star really fits the role as one of the ‘Eternals’ character. She is not aging at all.

Salma Hayek swimsuit bikini 10

Drifting under the sun while relaxing at the pool in this simple bright red bikini.

Salma Hayek swimsuit bikini 3

Nothing beats a cup of espresso after playing in the water while being pretty in this black laced bikini.

It is hard to believe that she can look so good in this brown-and-orange bikini set at the age of 54!

Salma Hayek swimsuit bikini 9

Another picture from her photoshoot for H&M campaign in 1999 in a brown suit.

Salma Hayek swimsuit bikini 6

Her black swimsuit look is glamorously accentuated with the gold jewelry here.

Salma Hayek swimsuit bikini 7

Yes, Salma in purple bikini complimented with intricately patterned cardigan looks sizzling hot.

Salma Hayek swimsuit bikini 8

The outgoing celebrity looks goofy in bright turquoise bikini.

Salma Hayek swimsuit bikini 1

Her red one-piece definitely caught a lot of people’s attention against the beautiful jade-like water.

Salma Hayek swimsuit bikini 11

The mother-of-one knows how to have fun with her pictures! Shown by how she poses right next to a tortoise in this red-pink colorblock set.

Salma Hayek swimsuit bikini 2

Feeling free in her black one-piece swimsuit!

Yellow is just the best color for her cheerful personality: she got her swimsuit with matching maxi skirt for her 54th birthday look ($472) from Melissa Odabash.

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