13 Group Conversations That Go Hilariously Weird Real Quick

13 Group Conversations That Go Hilariously Weird Real Quick

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Most of us are in more than one group. A group chats from work, from class, from family, relatives, old schoolmates, etc. The most annoying moments are when we’re added into groups with people we’re not really related closely with or… when our parents just forget that their kids can read their lovely messages very clearly.

Please, don’t scare people in group chats guys. Parents especially, remember group chats mean the whole group can read your text!

Opened a big group chat, where someone was talking about the death of a family member. I thought they were talking about ‘Game of Thrones’.


One of my lab mates keeps hitting on my other group member over the group chat.


Dad still learning how group chat works.

Broke up with 4 guys via group text message.

A guy who had a crush on my girlfriend made this chat.

Why family group chat is a bad idea.

Accidentally sent to the same chat. Everyone hates citation.

When you’re in a group with people you’re not really close with.

And this oopsie.

Parents in the group chat.

Great to know you’re still loving each other after 30 years, but learn how group messaging works, too.

Mentally ill ex.


Dude added all the girls he had dated and trying to date.