10+ Pics Show The Dramatic Difference Between Kim Kardashian And Britney Spears' House

10+ Pics Show The Dramatic Difference Between Kim Kardashian And Britney Spears’ House

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November, ah, it’s that month that stands in between the spookiest and holiest day of the year. After Halloween, you’ll likely start seeing people and stores prepping for the year’s last celebration: Christmas.

Some people love Halloween and its scary essence more than the cheerful, vibrant mood of Christmas Day. The Kardashian and West family rarely share snaps of their home, but based on the ones they did share, we can grasp what kind of home they have. On the other hand, Britney Spears loves to share about her personal life that is often filmed inside her home.

Like a morgue museum, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian recently shared the inside of their home.

On the other hand, Britney Spears’ home is a homage to the Olive Garden itself. Vibrant and lively!

But what really stole the attention in many of her pictures of her home is her miniature collection. Yes, Britney really loves collecting this adorable furniture, featured so often in her live videos. These mini edition couture couches can be found everywhere in her home.

She also have a very small bed there, does her pet dogs use it to take small naps while wandering around the home?


Even when she’s working out, she did not miss the chance to show off her collection.

Did we forget to mention that she also has a very huge Christmas tree?

She did not forget an armchair to complete the Christmas look.

For Britney, Christmas is the best day of the year, and made her home one with Christmas vibe 24/7, 365 days a year!

When it’s full-on Christmas, Britney loves it bright!

She loves the festive mood and keeps her home like that all the time. The Christmas trees are there all the time, not just during Christmas!


When we said mini furniture collections, it also included small throw rugs. She literally had these ‘thrown’ around her home. In addition, she also enjoys painting and has a room dedicated for that.

She often paints in her courtyard as that’s where she gets her inspiration.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have completely the opposite vibes.

Their home is wabi-sabi-inspired landscaped and is worth $60 million designed by Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt. They spent $20 million just for renovation alone.

That is a virgin heart displayed at the end of the eerily spacious hallway. Below definitely looks like where the dead bodies are cleaned. Kim is just ready to reap those souls in here.

Kim’s house already screams ‘The Shining’, and they added these dark green pumpkins during Halloween.

Kim Kardashian

But there are also times when West would try to be romantic here.

The family enjoy the solo performance of Kenny G playing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ on Valentine’s Day. The hundreds of singular roses in vases are meant to be romantic.

Can’t help it if you feel a bit creeped out, at least Kenny G’s performance was amazing.

Britney’s colorful home: this is her kitchen. Of course, a gorgeous cake for display is part of it.


She also uses handmade plates from a local store, and they look cute! Not to mention, support your local small businesses, guys!


And now you can decide which one is more of your kind!

Kanye West