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10 Honest Tweets About ‘Time Flying Fast’ And Earth Being 2020 Years Old


10 Honest Tweets About ‘Time Flying Fast’ And Earth Being 2020 Years Old

A joke or a meme?

It’s quite difficult not to feel sentimental at the beginning of a new year. The changed calendar represents a time to think of what has happened in the last year as well as a time to achieve greater heights in the new year.

But here, some people dubbed as ‘Not-The Sharpest Individuals’ are expressing their emotions and feelings over something way bigger than themselves – Planet Earth which recently turned 2020.

Internet Users Are Wishing The Planet A Happy 2020th Birthday

Hilariously enough, when one looks up at the sources on the age of the planet, the result opines searches, including ‘how old is the earth 2019 or how old is the earth 2018’ and so on.

Obviously, the new year has gotten some people curious and since 2020 sounds like a figure so large, what will eventually happen if people began to hear numbers like 4543000000 hundred million years.

The irrationality of believing that January 1st is the birthday of all existence is making some individuals ponder on the significance of a new year.

After all, once we (humans) figure out how long it takes the Earth to complete an orbit, we will then understand how we start turning our calendars to a new year not on any astronomically significant day or on a solstice, but on a plain old January 1st.

On the other hand, the response the ancient Romans would have told you is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ – the first month on the list.

Commenters Couldn’t However Quite Believe The Whole Thing

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