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You’ve Safely Blocked Edge? Well, Next Windows 10 Update Will Include New Edge


You’ve Safely Blocked Edge? Well, Next Windows 10 Update Will Include New Edge

At least their new logo looks decent.

If you have been keeping up with the updates, Microsoft has been focusing (again) on their browser, Internet Explorer. Oh wait, it’s changed its name to ‘Edge’. Edgy, eh.

Anyways, Microsoft Edge has been letting people download and test their developing versions: Beta, Dev, and Canary. Dev and Canary are where devs constantly upgrade their browsers to test out different codings and updates. Meanwhile Beta is the more stable version for those who don’t want to keep living on the edge as they work on their computer.

This Chromium-based browser will be officially rolled out on January 15, 2020. It will be slowly phased out to users and is only automatically available via the update for those running Windows 10 1709 or newer.

Microsoft Edge documentation reads: Because browser releases aren’t bound to the Windows major releases, changes will be made to the operating system to ensure that the next version of Microsoft Edge fits seamlessly into Windows.

The features will also be released on a 6-week cycle.

But if you really don’t need this new stuff and loves sticking to your Firefox or Opera (which is also Chromium-based), Microsoft has made a Blocker toolkit that will prevent the automatic updates on Edge from happening. This can be used on both companies and Home-based windows. (Cheers!)

As for extensions, they will be migrated to the new Edge from your Legacy Edge, but that’s only if they’ve been made available on the add-on store.

Oh, and by the way they’ve made a new logo which actually looks really cool. It was first reported by Verge who had people tried hard in solving puzzles as a result of the devs’ Easter eggs.

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