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The Xbox Series X Is Unlike Others… Except A Gaming PC


The Xbox Series X Is Unlike Others… Except A Gaming PC

But it’s at least as powerful as it’s expected to be.

Microsoft has not been trying hard to sell their Xbox as it’s not the center of their selling strategies. Phil Spencer, Xbox chief, once said, “The business isn’t how many consoles you sell.” And that can be seen how you can basically play the games without actually having to own an Xbox.

But they’re definitely still giving people the reasons to buy one, with their new Series X reveal. And it sports a new, fancy monolithic look which is like a gaming PC. It looks similar to One X at a glance with that matte black slab look, but the size shows the difference.

When Microsoft went small with enough power on One X, they went big and extra powerful with Series X. Sure, size doesn’t always mean it’s totally powerful, but Microsoft is delivering this one with Zen 2 and RDNA by AMD and GDDR6 memory which promises smooth 60fps at 4K.

Spencer also said that this Series X is four times more powerful than the CPU that powers Xbox One. It’s basically standing up there with some of the most capable gaming PCs available today. To top it off, you can rock ‘Halo Infinite’ from your couch.

But will it be enough to get people to buy the new console? The company’s PS4 was a huge success and with developers making different versions of games for PS4/Xbox One and PS5/Series X, it’s highly unlikely people will part with what they’ve own.

Microsoft is offering a subscription offer so people can gain access to a huge library of games Xbox everywhere and Series X is the icing on the cake if you want the best experience. This might seems plausible, but it’ll still depend on the pricing scheme of this and PS5.

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