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You Can Sunbathe On This Tropical Island And Enjoy The Company Of Adorable Puppies Here!


You Can Sunbathe On This Tropical Island And Enjoy The Company Of Adorable Puppies Here!

The true definition of heaven.

What’s your plan for the holiday? It must be somewhere fun for relaxing and just taking your mind elsewhere happier. If you’re still at lost on where to go, we have one place you will definitely love. Providenciales, which is part of the Turks and Caicos Islands, is home to the dog rescue charity Potcake Place.

This charity’s main purpose is to help homeless potcake dogs that are abandoned and homeless on the island. One of the most importing things to do is to help these dogs socialize with people which will help them live in families. In line with this purpose, tourists are welcomed to help out with it!

Potcake is a common mixed-breed in Carribean and grows up to 55lb or about 24kg on average. They earned their name potcake as people used to feed these dogs scrapings of potcake rice mixture that is common on the island.

But the number of strays of this breed is getting so common that many have attempted to reduce homeless potcakes. The ones that tourists get to play with during their visit to Turks and Caicos are rescued from the island. Both locals and tourists have also regularly reported finding litters or individual pups around the island.

Potcake Place doesn’t have a shelter, so the staff usually takes care of the dogs until they can find a forever home. Thanks to tourists’ high interest in the pups, the staff have no problem with giving them the human socialization they need. It’s also due to the fact that they rely on donations and this volunteering helps ease their work.

Tourists are also welcome to bring adopt and bring home a puppy! Others also offer to be a courier who oversees the transportation of the pup when it’s being adopted to new homes abroad. Charity workers will ensure that the pups are vaccinated, wormed and provided the necessary health certificates before adopted.

Sounds like a great vacation for both kids and adults, right?

Visit Potcake Place’s website for more information!

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