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Wonderful Golden Turtle Found In Nepal


Wonderful Golden Turtle Found In Nepal

Only 5th time a golden specimen of this species of turtle has been spotted in the world.

A unique turtle with a genetic mutation of chromatic Leucism is dubbed as a God in Nepal. As a result of its golden color, people situated in Nepal are beginning to believe that the creature has divine qualities – the form of Lord Vishnu.

Accordingly, the turtle is believed to be the 5th of the species Lissemys Punctata Andersoni, spotted across the globe and for the first time ever in Nepal. Its rare condition categorized by a loss of color pigmentation normally results in white, pale, and patchy skin, but in the case of this turtle, it led to Xanthophores.

A turtle with a genetic mutation of chromatic Leucism is dubbed as a God in Nepal due to its golden color

A reptile expert, identified as Dr. Kamal Devkota has explained that the reptile does have quite a deep spiritual significance, adding that not only animals but turtles overall have significant cultural and religious value in Nepal.

‘It’s highly believed that Lord Vishnu took the shape of a turtle to save the world from destruction in his incarnation. According to the Hindu Mythology, the turtle upper shell depicts the sky while the lower shell depicts the earth.’ Kamal added.

Furthermore, Kamal revealed that the turtle avatar of Vishnu is widely recognized as Kurma, which of course is worshipped in numerous temples.

‘‘This is my very first encounter with the rare color of the turtle. This is precisely the first record in Nepal and interestingly the 5th of its species across the world. We can admit this is one unusual discovery on planet Earth.’ Dr. Kamal of the Nepal Toxicology Association stated.

Nevertheless, the turtle born with a golden shell was released into the wild after the documentation. It’s, on the other hand, said that survival will be challenging for the turtle as compared to other turtles.  

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