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Women With Bigger Chest & Tiny Waist Are Now Calling Themselves ‘AirPod-Shaped’


Women With Bigger Chest & Tiny Waist Are Now Calling Themselves ‘AirPod-Shaped’

It’s the era of AirPod-shaped girls!

We’ve always been familiar with the term hourglass shape to describe a curvy woman. But linguistic is something that continuously evolves and changes as people go on. Language never stays the same as the speakers refer to and prefer terms they can easily understand.

Recently, women of TikTok are calling big-chested body shape the AirPod shape.

The term was first seen in this video by Ellianna Fry which was upped this month last year. It shows her cracking a joke about her body shape as she ran through the hallway but fell down on her front.

The video received 34.5k views on TikTok which got a lot of women who relate to when it comes to the uniquely, fresh term.

@elliannamfry maybe someday i’ll have a dumptruck #rip #fyp brandy running and crying – brandy running and crying

As time goes by, other women started using the term as well. Sammy Purssey also shared a clip where she said, “My back hurts from walking around in the shape of an AirPod.”

The AirPod shape refers to the upper part of the hourglass shape.


Couldn’t think of anything creative to caption this video. But it’s been in my drafts for a week so this is the best your getting

original sound – iwannatrypercs💊

It became a shape that not only lean and slim but also plus-size users could relate to. Men of TikTok who saw the trend hopped on to show their interest in the new term birthed from the platform. One wrote, “Found my new favorite body type.”

Another user plopped in with a clip of her showing the shape of her body and captioned it, “No man using me for my body because I’m shaped like an AirPod.”

@circusclown123 #foryou original sound – EICKYSPROATDAHOODBITXHES

Hope Schwing made a cheeky video that teased men who’ve never dated “AirPod-shaped girl.”

Men are totally falling for her type of body as they complimented the girls in the comments.


Get ready bish

Originalton – Gabriel Hajrizi

One user wrote, “Your body type is everything that I ask for in a woman! Although personality matters the most.”

Another gushed, “Them some nice AirPods though!”

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