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Women Shared How Quarantine Has Urged Lonely Exes To Get In Touch After Years


Women Shared How Quarantine Has Urged Lonely Exes To Get In Touch After Years

The words of Dua Lipa are motivating and so, here’s a piece of advice: Never pick up your cell phone, when you know he/she is calling mainly because of isolation boredom.

That’s very correct as it appears nothing makes an ex thirstier than quarantine. Being in the game long enough, Sunday evenings are regarded as the golden window for chatting and swiping with probable love interests.

Wanting to be all fresh for Monday, a lot of people don’t tend to plans and as a result, have unlimited time for some dating app activity. And with social events canceled, many of the people working from home are beginning to feel that every day is like a Sunday: The perfect moment for ex-girlfriend and boyfriend backup!

It appears the world is keying in with the hashtag #quarantineandchills. Being used over 79,000 times on Instagram, people are linking tongue-in-cheek memes with the thread.

‘On the second day of working from home, my phone beeped and clicking WhatsApp, I gasped at what I saw. What, as I looked at my screen. The beep was from a guy I spoke to in August 2019, asking how I was doing in general.’

‘This guy wasn’t an ex, he was just someone I chatted with briefly after meeting him via an app. We didn’t even make it to the dating stage. Laughing out loud and ignoring the call for attention, I carried on with my quarantine.’ Hana Carter explained.

She continued: ‘The following morning as I play around with my phone while also shutting the alarm I was again greeted with a WhatsApp message from the man I had been on a countless date with, telling me he hopes am I am keeping well and was thinking about me.’

‘A part of me was touched he was checking in, while the wiser side knew his gambling. He was bored quite right and most likely had nothing better to do than to get his pride massaged.’

Nevertheless, the trend appears to be widespread as a lot of people are hearing from their exes in years while also posting the messages on the internet. On the other hand, don’t allow this period of isolation fuel a reignite with your ex, it wouldn’t be sexy and you can’t tell of the aftermath.

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