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Women Dress Up Their Best At Home To Celebrate Ladies Day During Lockdown


Women Dress Up Their Best At Home To Celebrate Ladies Day During Lockdown

Maybe they didn’t win, but it was at least fun!

Don your best dress and wear your most glamorous hat, because it’s Ladies Day race! Instead of lazing around and feeling depressed from staying home for weeks now, ladies around the world are in spirit for Ladies’ Day. Sure, they can’t get out and celebrate it with fellow girls, but they are by no means feeling down!

These ladies wore their best outfit and even though they can’t go out and be in crowds, we’re not socially isolated – people have been sharing their Ladies Day posts on Facebook! Of course, they want to win, but more than that, it’s about participating and looking forward to a better next year, perhaps a racier one!

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“Wishing we were together at Ladies Day again!”

Madeleine Simpson

My beautiful wife Susan is so devastated that she cannot attend Ladies Day, it is her highlight of the year. But she has already booked for next year.

Ian Paul Nicholson

Looking forward to ‘racier’ times when my outfit will get a ‘parade’ around the racetrack.

Niamh Lordan

Sure, what else would I be doing during lockdown on my birthday! Happy virtual Ladies Day all!

Elaine O’ Sullivan

What a gorgeous goddess-theme with a flower crown!

Ladies Day/Facebook

#AGrandDayIn with my Grand National babes on Saturday! This sun came out, to help wash away the blues of not being at my first Ladies Day.

Elle Syddall

Rocking vintage purple with complimenting teal jacket loosely draped on her. Gorgeous!

Colorful, vintage colors with a night-theme with a cute yellow mesh hat!

Cheryl Horsley

Keeping it chic and cool!s

Jennifer Michaela

What about a classy vintage look? Small floral prints on a light turquoise dress with a beautiful black hat and complementing vintage bag.

Jo Bve

Don’t forget about the chicken!

Ladies Day/Facebook

This family didn’t want to miss it, too!

Ann Falconer

Classy, couldn’t have done it better!

I was so looking forward to Ladies Day and I’m so pleased that we can all still take part in the Style Award.

Tray Kane

Out in their own farm!

It’s a beautiful Grand Day In!

A classy look but matched with a white vintage mesh hat.

Ladies Day/Facebook

A day inside in daring red jumpsuit with cape and primark hat decorated with a belt.

Donna Ollerenshaw

Stealing spotlights with that glamorous deep purple look!

Ever seen a lady up close?

Rachel Howell

A simple look that makes her true beauty shines.

Caoimh Knox

She cannot be stopped to enjoy herself with a cheeky glass of champagne.

Sharola Head

And let’s give one round of virtual applause to this woman who’s finished 6 years of Medical School and about to enter the frontline as a junior doctor.

Lizzy Foulkes

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