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Women Are Proudly Showing What It’s Like To Be Pregnant With Multiples


Women Are Proudly Showing What It’s Like To Be Pregnant With Multiples

Moms are amazing.

Being a parent isn’t easy, but that just doesn’t sink in until you become one. Try becoming a mom who’s pregnant with twins or triplets. You’re guaranteed to blame even the spoon falling off the table for how big you’ve become. Jokes aside, it’s fascinating to see what some women go through to nurture life itself inside them!

Did you know that the mortality rate of childbirth was high back in the day? Having triplets is deemed dangerous for both the babies and the mom. The fetal mortality rate for triplets is more than 27 out of 1,000 live births, which is five times higher than single babies.

While many causes lead to lethality, the underlying reason is simple: a human mother has always been designed to carry only one baby. If two or three babies are present, this means they have to share the cramped space and nutrition with each other.

Michella Meier-Morsi is pregnant with triplets at 35 weeks.

The three healthy babies were born earlier this week, not long after this picture was taken!

Wenda is 25 weeks old in this picture.

A body positivity advocate, Wanda actively talks about loving herself as she ended up with huge stretch marks after giving birth at 35 weeks.

Betsy Blackwood was 36 weeks in this picture.

She managed to carry all of her three kids to full-term and went home two days after giving birth.

Lindsay Hay one day before her 30th week with her quadruplets!

Her babies were born at 31 weeks old.

Charlotte here is 30 weeks with triplets.

She gave birth to her triplets safely at 34 weeks through a c-section.

Cicely at 35 weeks pregnant with her twins.

Her twins were born at 37 weeks.

Hayley was 30 weeks pregnant in this picture.

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Her triplets were born at 33 weeks one year ago.

Norwegian mom Maria Nordø Jørstad took a bi-weekly selfie to record the changes as her belly grew.

She gave birth to all three at 35 weeks, just two days after the last picture was taken.

She is 33 weeks in with her triplets: Amelia, Henrik, and Filip.

She jokes about how she was also a triplet and copied her mom with her three babies! They were born through c-section at 35 weeks old.

Erin Conley Barth, mom of four when she was 35-week pregnant with her triplet.

She gave birth to them naturally at 36 weeks.

Sierra Hauser was 36 weeks pregnant with her twins in this picture.

She gave birth to the twin around a week after this picture was taken.

Billiejean Clark Chesaites at 20-week old with her twins.

“I felt sick literally every day from about 20 weeks pregnant,” the mom shared. She gave birth to her twins at 36 weeks old.

Roxanne White, one day before she enters her 33rd week.

She gave birth four days later to her babies after her doctor called in to say one of her babies was having a problem. They were delivered safely through a c-section!

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