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Woman With Big B**bs Says, “I’m So Jealous Of Girls With ‘Cute Little’ Ones”


Woman With Big B**bs Says, “I’m So Jealous Of Girls With ‘Cute Little’ Ones”

“They are, sadly, not in the cards for me.”

Fashion reviewer Carly Rivlin loves sharing about the new haul she did and asking followers about what look she should go with for events and hangouts. The fashion lover, however, shared with TikTok that having such huge b**bs wasn’t all that great.

“Another reason I’m jealous of the girls with the cute little b**bs – nip*** piercings.”

“They are, sadly, not in the cards for me.”

“I have to wear a bra, and if I didn’t wear a bra, my nip*** piercings would be confused for belly button piercings,” she explained. She added that there are some outfits that just won’t look good with her.

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“I just want so badly want to wear like a white tank top, and like the jewelry shows through a little bit. I want that,” said Carly.

Her story went viral, with so many women telling her they have the exact same problem.

“My girls are southwest and southeast, piercings wouldn’t even be seen,” hilariously wrote one viewer.

Another happily wrote, “omg i’ve found my people.”

“I think about this all the time and it HURTS,” chimed in another.

But there were some who told her to go ahead with it and “let the girlies hang.”

Some commented on workarounds, like one who offered a solution by wearing “super tight elastic-like ribbed tops” that help hold the breasts up and make the piercings look normal.

One, however, told her that she might want to be thankful. They wrote, “Be happy tho, I have them, and if I ever get into cardiac arrest and the paramedics have to defibrillate me, they need to rip the piercings out first because it takes too long to unscrew them.”

Her longing for piercings and wearing cute sheer tops are still dreams, it seems.


♬ original sound – carlyrivlin

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