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Woman With A Pram Is Accused Of Shoplifting By A Worker At QLD Store


Woman With A Pram Is Accused Of Shoplifting By A Worker At QLD Store

The pram didn’t have a baby in it at all.

A viral clip has caught a store clerk caught in a scuffle with a woman pushing a pram. The woman was later caught red-handed to be a shoplifter as the retail employee revealed the stolen item hidden inside the covered stroller.

The viral clip was shared in the ‘Name and Shame Sydney’ group and was filmed outside a Super Cheap Auto shop in Queensland.

The employee forced his way to show what was inside the stroller while threatening the woman that the cops would be called if she refused to cooperate. But she got hysterical and continued screaming for the man to let go of the pram.

“Let my baby go!” the woman in the blue shirt could be heard yelling at the employee.

But the employee immediately retorted, “You haven’t even got a baby in there!”

She kept going and told him off again, “Don’t touch my baby!”

But she couldn’t put up the facade for much longer as the stolen items spilled onto the sidewalk in the midst of the struggle. A box fell out from the well-covered stroller. The employee mockingly exclaimed, “Oh, there’s a box in there!”

This appears to be an all too common scheme women use, according to viewers, with many praising the man for sticking up to his principles.

One user commented, “Low life, but sadly there will be more theft as people struggle with the rise in cost of living!”

“Well done to the worker. Dealing with such a nutter,” another user praised the employee. One viewer chimed in, “Well done to the staff; we need more and more honest, hard-working employees like him.

Another noted, “This is an everyday experience in retail, she doesn’t have a baby in the, but it is becoming more common for parents to use their kids to help shoplift.”

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