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Woman Who Cut Homeless Man’s Hair In Makeover Married Him Two Years Later


Woman Who Cut Homeless Man’s Hair In Makeover Married Him Two Years Later

“I found the other half that I needed with him.”

A happily married Mexican couple shares their love story on TikTok, proving that true love exists. Luz Yesenia Geronimo Cerna, a makeup artist, and hairdresser shared that she first met her husband as a homeless man in dire need of a clean-up.

Luz, 30, offered Juan a haircut and helped him clean up, only to be surprised that he was such a good-looking man.

That was how Luz from Nuevo San Juan, Michoacán, Mexico, first met her husband 13 years ago. Today, Luz and Juan share three children together: Larissa, 12; Kimberly, 9; and Zazil, 3. Luz said that it was “love at first sight” with the man.

“The first thing I saw was his way of treating people,” she told of their memorable first meeting. And it got even better after she offered her a makeover, and she continued, “I was a bit surprised – it looked super good.”

“Our relationship was good from the beginning and was what I was looking for.”

“And with his super good family, they tell me that they love me like their daughter, and that’s how they treat me,” she continued.

Juan is no more homeless, but he never stops working hard for his family. He is now a bricklayer who also offers services to fix mobile phones.

Their story became well-known when Luz shared it on TikTok. It melted the hearts of millions as Juan, who had unkempt hair and dirt on his face, was given proper care.

Luz captioned her video, “There is no doubt that he who seeks finds, I found the other half that I needed with him.”

Viewers couldn’t help but gush over the couple. One wrote in the comment section, “That is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. There are so many people who need help, and there are so many souls who are alone.”

“You are a queen; you actually gave him a chance in the world!” read another.

Another commented, “What an amazing and beautiful story. Congratulations to both of you, but more to him, you gave him a chance at life. Wow.”

They’re still brimming with love when they look at each other a decade later.

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