Woman Tweeted 'Money Buys Time' To Explain That Most People Don't Have The Same 24 Hours

Woman Tweeted ‘Money Buys Time’ To Explain That Most People Don’t Have The Same 24 Hours

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We all run within the same universe, living on Earth that makes one rotation every 24 hours. Using this idea, you’ve probably heard many motivators say that ‘we all have the same 24 hours’ and how it’s always about ‘how we choose to spend them.’

Well, here’s a spoiler: we don’t.

Shailja Patel tweeted in outrage over people talking about having the same 24 hours.


The Twitter user pointed out that emphasizing people having the same 24 hours of achieving life success is just misleading. Time ticks the same for everyone, but it does not stop for you who have to do your house chores independently. It doesn’t stop for people who have to wake up early to walk to the closest station to catch up early bus or train. It doesn’t stop for you who work so hard getting by paycheck-to-paycheck while worrying about your rent.

On the other hand, some people argue that saying ’24 hours is the same for everyone’ is an indisputable fact. It explains that every one of us has the chance to allocate our time wisely to achieve what we want. Whining about how others have ‘handicaps’ by being born rich isn’t supposed to be helpful.

Discussions took place under the thread, mostly on the philosophy and how the phrase should be perceived.


Several who agreed points out how this applies very much to the disabled minority.


More people are showing agreements to the tweet.


At over 192k likes and 70k retweets, this tweet has sparked discussions over how capitalism has rendered the working class impossible to ever climbing out of their positions. Yet, before it existed, some pointed out how billionaires were also once from the working class.